RobotRiot Review

As a platforming experience that serves up retro challenge without necessarily making the player tear his or her hair out, "RobotRiot" is a sure bet for genre fans. This is like stepping into a time machine and winding up in 1991!

Retromite Interview

This time we sit down for an in-depth electronic chat with Retromite's two-man crew: Gregg Williams and Kawe Weissi-Zadeh. Like many game industry veterans they've teamed up for a journey back to their creative roots, adding fuel to the retro fire sweeping through the App Store!

Stardash Review

Aha, I think I've cracked the recipe OrangePixel used for creating "Stardash." It goes something like this. Step 1: start with "Super Mario Bros." Step 2: take away everything that helped Mario survive, and see how the player does. Needless to say, you'll want to go into this platformer with a tough-as-nails attitude!

Commander Pixman Hands-On Preview

Given the opportunity by the kind folks at One Minute Games, we're tearing right into "Commander Pixman!" Can life for retro platforming fans get any better than it does on iOS?

RobotRiot Hands-On Preview

In our latest hands-on preview we get a sneak peek at Retromite's upcoming iOS debut, "Robotriot." If you're a side-scrolling platformer fan, this one is aiming straight at your heart, as it hearkens back to an era that many would agree was the genre's golden age.

Run Fox Run Hands-On Preview

Ok, so normally I would refrain from giving an upcoming game anything even approaching a definite appraisal until the end product has been released onto the App Store, but having put a beta build of Chris Johns' Run Fox Run through its paces, I'm just gonna come out and say it: barring any major last-minute cock-ups, this slick little side-scroller has smash-hit written all over it!

InterStellar Force Review

A passion project for indie developer David Molnar, who evidently spent a good chunk of the 80's (and his allowance, no doubt) at the local arcade blasting through an array of side scrolling shoot-em-ups, Interstellar Force is an action-packed and frenetically paced trip down memory lane that pays direct homage to genre greats such as Defender and R-Type.

Gravonaut Review

Now, here's something refreshing: an App Store entry that makes absolutely no pretenses. Right off the bat Nexus Game Studios lets you know that Gravonaut is very retro -- and very, very challenging. If you think you're prepared for this level of difficulty just because your gaming days started when cutting edge releases used to look like Gravonaut...think again!

Monster RPG 2 Twitter Giveaway!

Courtesy of our friends at Nooskewl, iFanzine have five codes for the freshly updated Monster RPG 2 to give away via twitter. We really enjoyed the game on its original release, scoring it an impressive 3.5/5 and remarking (Monster RPG 2) "is well worth checking into thanks to solid controls, expertly varied gameplay, and a score comprised of catchy synth tunes."

Dragon Fire: Una’s Quest Review

A pretty epic sounding slice of scene-setting story proceeds Debug Design's interesting spin on the retro style, top-down shooter, Dragon Fire: Una's Quest. Evil Queen Hydra is ruthlessly culling dragons and collecting their "knowledge sparks", so that she might gain control of the mythical land of Krytok! Playing as a feisty young dragon, Una, it's up to you to avenge your mother's death and put a end to Hydra's dastardly plans.

First Look: Moral Decay (8-bit Jesus Platformer!)

What do you get if you cross Jesus Christ with John Rambo? Well, if - and it's a big if - Apple gives their blessing to Infinite Lives' upcoming side-scrolling shooter, it looks like iPhone gamers will find out this Fall.