retro platformer

Kale in Dinoland Review

It might seem like an oxymoron to say that "Kale in Dinoland" brings "retro" forward, but it's about time an iOS platformer achieved the same level of depth as the classics!

Private Joe: Urban Warfare Review

Just when we're gearing up for the Halloween season, a number of iOS videogame characters are suiting up in military attire. Here to kick off this week's armed forces-themed coverage is "Private Joe: Urban Warfare," a port of a popular browser game coded in a language we don't see often on iOS -- HTML5!

Super Bit Dash Review

Fakepup may have gone back to 2D since their debut with "Snowball Smash" last year, but they've also raised the bar for their work with this slick take on the running genre. Even if you can't imagine picking up yet another running game, you'd do well to give "Super Bit Dash" a good look, and if you're a retro platformer fan it should extend to your interests as well.

Commander Pixman Review

"Commander Pixman"'s level design transcends its presentational simplicity, taking the preferences of the modern mobile gamer well into account. Pixman's levels are both bite-sized and appreciably complex -- which should seem like an oxymoron on paper, but One Minute Games pulls it off handily.

Retromite Interview

This time we sit down for an in-depth electronic chat with Retromite's two-man crew: Gregg Williams and Kawe Weissi-Zadeh. Like many game industry veterans they've teamed up for a journey back to their creative roots, adding fuel to the retro fire sweeping through the App Store!

Commander Pixman Hands-On Preview

Given the opportunity by the kind folks at One Minute Games, we're tearing right into "Commander Pixman!" Can life for retro platforming fans get any better than it does on iOS?