Real Time Strategy

Anthill Review

War is Hell. That's why it belongs only in extremely well-crafted and devilishly addictive strategy games, like this one!

Image & Form: Interview and Giveaway!

For our latest interview, we chatted up a storm with Brjánn Sigurgeirsson, CEO of Image & Form! It's a dramatic and insightful mega article, and while you're reading the conclusion on the third page, won't you be a dear and log into Twitter? There could be a free copy of "Anthill" in it for you!

Jelly Defense Review

We'd rather play this game than eat Jell-O -- and that's not a statement we make lightly! If you're a fan of Tower Defense, Castle Defense, or Real-Time Strategy games in general, Jelly Defense is a clear must-have. Even if you don't consider yourself a genre fan but have a strong appreciation for challenges of logic, this is one worth taking a chance on if you've got the bucks and the time to invest in it.

Hands-On Preview: Anthill

We'll say it again: we prefer not to make predictions at the preview stage. But doggone it if some developers don't make it so easy! Fans of Castle Defense and Real-Time Strategy games will be marching to the beat of Image & Form's "Anthill" when it releases in early October, because this ain't your average genre offering!

Tiny Defense Review

"Tiny Defense" may not bring much innovation to the Castle Defense genre, but it's got more units and content than you can shake a robotic stick at. This is one that will underwhelm the genre fan at first, but you might be surprised at how much it grows on you if you give it a chance!

Interview with Patrick Wolowicz, Creator of “Zen Wars!”

Thanks to Liv Games we were able to spring an ambush on Patrick Wolowicz, the man behind and developer of "Zen Wars," and he had no choice but to let us interview him. The interrogation turned out exceedingly well, as we came out of it with over two pages' worth of juicy details about the making of this awesome upcoming strategy game!

Empire War Review

If you're a seasoned Castle Defense fan and aren't too picky about the textual quality or depth of help menus and live tutorials, you might find "Empire War" surprisingly engaging. Challenge seekers, get ready to fight for...well, actually, we have no clue what you're fighting for here, but since when has that ever stopped anyone from picking up a sword?

Zen Wars Hands-On Preview

Liv Games gave us a sneak peek at their upcoming strategy game "Zen Wars," developed in collaboration with! It's built with Cocos2d, and it even has comic book panels. If you recall our track record of loving Cocos2d and comic book-style storytelling to bits, you'll correctly guess our feelings on this one -- and if you're looking for a multiplayer strategy match, so much the better!

Hills of Glory: WWII Review

Argh! A superbly designed Castle Defense game is thwarted by severe stability issues, at least on this reviewer's iDevice. Let's hope this gets fixed soon, because it's an absolute must-have for any genre fan who's lucky enough to get it working.

Holy Moly! Dragons Review

Holy moly, yet another Real Time Strategy game on iOS!? Hey, as long as they're as absorbing and excellently polished as this dragon-filled title from three-man trio Adam Reilly and Hugo & Filipe Beyer, I'm not complaining!

Grove Keeper Review

What happens when you glue the Real-Time Strategy, Castle Defense, and Physics Puzzle genres together? Something pretty darn awesome as long as CGMatic Co. is behind it, that's what!