The Flood: Salvation Review

The key elements of well-liked physics puzzle games such as Ramps and Angry Birds really aren't all that difficult to decipher. Let's see, both boast an intuitive concept, just the right balance of trickiness and 'one more go' playability, a pleasing art style and/or chirpy characters. Sadly, The Flood: Salvation possesses none of the above. And in their place we get needlessly convoluted game mechanics, clunky drag-and-drop controls and a rag doll with all the charisma of a bloated corpse.

Captain Puzzle Review

Tired of an apparently never ending barrage of bland puzzle games that seem content to rehash the ol' Match-3 formula without ever really contributing much in the way of innovation or originality to the genre? Well, never fear folks, because Spearhead Entertainment's Captain Puzzle is here to save the day with a colorful comic book aesthetic, tongue-in-cheek titular character who, hilariously, looks like a cross between Superman and Johnny Bravo, and over 50 levels of fun-packed action puzzling.

Cardboard Castle Review

You really only have to glance at one of its sumptuous screenshots or give the trailer a quick viewing to get a sense of the care, love and attention that went into crafting Cardboard Castle. It's a shame then that while the game is a stylistic triumph and makes inventive use of its cardboard cut-out world setting, a string of samey puzzles fail to capture the imagination.

Burning Bubbles LAB Review

Although things are picking up now with a flurry of great games, let's be honest, to begin with, January was a pretty slow month for the App Store in terms of notable new releases. The upshot of this lull? It gave me an opportunity to catch up on a few indie titles that somehow slipped under my radar during 2010. One such game I found myself playing quite a bit was Burning Bubbles LAB, a Bust a Move-esque mash-up of Match-3 puzzle game and shooter.

Smart Mouse Review

Smart Mouse's high concept premiss made me smile, it really did. The deal is, you've got to help an escaped lab mouse nab hard to reach pieces of cheese by strategically placing various objects around environments for him to scurry along. Sadly, however, as I breezed through the game's meagre offering of 20 easy peasy challenges, my initial enthusiasm rapidly started to wane.

Ramps Review

Based on an award-winning Flash game, Backabit's Ramps has been tweaked and enhanced in all the right places for its iOS debut. And once you spend a little time with this endearingly back-to-basics puzzler, it's not hard to see why almost a million people found themselves hooked on the title's well-observed brand of fast-paced, physics-based problem solving.

Aqua Panic Deluxe Review

Having already made a splash on most every other gaming platform, from Wii to PSP, Eko Software now team up with BulkyPix to bring their fun Lemmings style puzzler, Aqua Panic, to iDevices. And while its touchscreen control scheme is a bit fiddly to begin with, for the best part, the game, which sees the player guiding a school of fish through a series of topsy-turvy levels filled with traps, is quite compelling.

Tiki Totems 2 Review

Despite the original Tiki Totem's status as something of physics-based puzzle titan on the App Store, selling a staggering 2.5 million copies to date and being held in revere by iCritics everywhere, would you believe I haven't actually played it yet?!. Sacrilege, I know, so I jumped at the chance to get to grips with Spokko Games' eagerly anticipated sequel.

Invaders from Uranus & Aaah! Chompsters! Review(s)

Big Blue Bubble, the creators of Thumpies and the smash-hit Fighting Fantasy series, recently posed a rather interesting challenge to their employees. The deal was, six teams were given a Friday and the weekend (that's only 72 hours!) to whip together an with an app that could be launched onto the App Store. The first two projects to be given the green light by discerning CEO, Damir Slogar, are Invaders from Uranus and Aaah! Chompsters!.

Push Panic Review

Time for a confession - having glanced at a few screenshots and quickly scanned the app description, I wrote Push Panic off as just another mildly entertaining variation on the old match-three puzzle formula. Could I have been more wrong?. Later, hunched over my iPod, beads of perspiration on my brow, fingers dancing about the screen as I frantically tried and tried again to conquer a particularly tricky level, I realized I wasn't just hooked; I was in love. Yes, Push Panic is that good.

Doodle Lab 101 Review

I'd imagine I'm not the only person getting more than a little tired of developers sticking the word doodle in their games' titles in a transparent attempt at cozying up to the chart-topping hit Doodle Jump. So I guess I'd better start this review by saying FunTribe's Doodle Lab 101 isn't just another game jumping on that particular buzzword-bandwagon. On the contrary in fact, it's a surprisingly innovative twist on a path drawing/physics puzzler, based around a pretty neat drawing mechanic.

First Look: Aqua Panic (New Trailer)

Originally released on the PSP, Aqua Panic is a terrific (and addictively aggravating) puzzler that will have you using a variety of water-manipulating tools to guide a school of fish to safety. If you ever were a fan of Lemmings, you will love Aqua Panic.