puzzle platformer

The Cave Review

"Monkey Island" creator Ron Gilbert's "The Cave" is a witty and otherwise intriguing puzzle adventure marred by tricky touch controls.

Ball on a Wall Review

Okay, so the title may not inspire confidence, but it's a game of creative destruction, target hitting, and juggling wrapped into a satisfyingly complex package.

CreaVures Review

"CreaVures" scores high in variety thanks to its five player characters and the different exercises adapted to each, but it stops short of reaching its full potential as a puzzle platformer.

CreaVures Preview

A game set in a bioluminescent world that looks like "Avatar's" Pandora, filled with critters that have to team up and combine their unique powers to make it through? Okay, sign us up!

Rinth Island Review

Equipped with a level of depth, breadth of content and good design sense that completely defy its price range, "Rinth" is a clear must-have for puzzle fans of every stripe.