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Legendary Wars Giveaway: 15 Codes Up For Grabs!

Liv Games' Legendary Wars earned a close to perfect score from iFanzine's discerning lead reviewer, Sean Koch, when he... Read More »

Hot Damn: Win Devil May Cry 4 refrain!

So how the heck do we top last week's Dead Space promo code contest that received a record-smashing number... Read More »

Scary Good Giveaway: Win Dead Space Promo Codes!

You honestly didn't think iFanzine would let something as epic as Dead Space landing on iOS pass without celebrating... Read More »

App-y Christmas From iFanzine!

Just a quick post to wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas from everyone here at iFanzine.com. Oh,... Read More »

Dead Rising Mobile Giveaway!

iFanzine's Jay Circo is as we speak frantically dashing around a shopping mall and bustin' zombie skulls with a... Read More »

Doodle Lab 101 Promo Codes Up for Grabs!

Ingenious new physics puzzle game, Doodle Lab 101, has garnered a great response from a number of leading review... Read More »

Monster RPG 2 Twitter Giveaway!

Courtesy of our friends at Nooskewl, iFanzine have five codes for the freshly updated Monster RPG 2 to give... Read More »

Mad O Ball 3D Giveaway!

Another week, another brilliant contest courtesy of our friends at Breakdown Studios! If you're not one of the 600.000... Read More »

Antistar 3D: Rising Giveaway!

iFanzine thoroughly enjoyed Antistar 3D: Rising when we reviewed the game a few weeks back, dubbing it an "enthralling... Read More »

Mad O Ball 3D Just Gets Better & Better…

One of iFanzine's all time favorite games, Breakdown Studios' marble rolling masterpiece Mad 'O' Ball 3D has just gotten... Read More »

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