Hands-On Preview: Danger Alliance

For all of you waiting on pins and needles to see what the fate of isometric turn-based strategy games will be on iOS, never fear: TOME Studios is hard at work proving that the genre can be executed just as well on a touchscreen as on a console. After spending some hands-on time with "Danger Alliance: Battles," we're not even sure we'll be able to go back to physical controllers for our TBS fix.

First Look: Wyv and Keep

"Across Age" and "Cavorite," stirred together? Be still, my beating heart! iFanzine recently spent some time with the PC demo for "Wyv and Keep," which will make it to iOS among the number of release platforms a jolly corpse is planning to tackle. Okay, maybe we're cheating, but we just couldn't resist getting our grubby game-previewing hands on this one after we learned about its cool teamwork premise.

Bouncy Mouse Hands-On Preview

Android players have been falling head over heels for Eric Karl's "Bouncy Mouse" for a few days now, but it sure is taking its sweet old time moseying on over to the App Store. What better way to pass the time than with a hands-on preview, so you can see what all the squeaking is about?

Vermes on Mars Hands-On Preview

Aztlan Games sure like their creepy critters! Fresh off last April's "Multipods: Escalation," they're back already with lots more crawly things, and after some hands-on time with "Vermes on Mars" we're glad to see that they're really upping the ante! Action fans who are looking for depth and some fun on-the-fly strategizing will want to keep a keen eye on this one as it nears release.

First Look: The Adventures of Retrobot

This just in: the next project that "6th Planet" collaborators Monkube and Ape Entertainment are going full throttle on is none other than "The Adventures of Retrobot!" This time around Monkube has added the talents of Endeavor Bros., a Canadian indie developer, into the creative mix, and it looks like an exciting arcade shoot 'em up/comic book fusion has resulted!

Bobby: Space Adventure Hands-On Preview

If there's one thing iOS isn't lacking it's creative physics puzzlers, but darn it all if these new releases don't keep us coming back for more! We recently got our hands on "Bobby: Space Adventure," a collaboration from Nooskewl and Studio Dereka that's about to bust its way right onto the iDevices of genre fans any day now.

Brave Code Hands-On Preview

Lakoo, perhaps best known for the MMORPG "Empire Online," is trying its hand at an iOS exclusive, single-player Action RPG with the upcoming "Brave Code." Lakoo was generous enough to let our grubby little hands near a preview build, and take it from us: this is one to watch if you're looking for an Action RPG that completely shakes up the traditional genre formula!