Idyllic Hands-On Preview

So, on the very same day we fire up our preview copy of the upcoming sidescrolling platformer "Idyllic," developer FatCow Games announces a writing contest to let one fan determine the answers to the game's deepest mysteries? Believe it -- it's just more proof that anything's possible in this indie-driven market! Read our hands-on impressions of the game and get the scoop on FatCow's writing contest inside.

Cavorite Review

Cascadia Games has gone back in time and returned with a classic! Whether you're a casual puzzle fan or an old school platformer enthusiast, "Cavorite"'s mix of clever logic puzzles and action adventure should strongly appeal.

Giveaway: Win Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, Boost 2 & Up To The Top!

First things first, apologies for starting our weekly giveaway a little later than usual. To make up for my tardiness, I've popped a copy of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing into the prize-bag. Joining Sega's smash-hit Kart racer are the utterly thrilling Boost 2 and Pixeleap’s delightful platformer, Up To The Top. So what are you waiting for folks? Rev up those Twitter and Facebook accounts and let's get this show on the road...!

Up To The Top Review

This June on the App Store has been a month full of pleasant surprises. While big-name games were kinda light on the ground, brilliant break out indie titles like VineKing, Redneck Jellyfish and ShootingDemon kept the folks here at iFanzine glued to our iDevices. And Pixeleap's perfectly crafted debut game, Up To The Top, just might - excuse the pun - top 'em all.

Blue Shadow Games Pack1 Review

The App Store truly is a bargain hunter's nirvana! If game devs aren't slashing the price-tags on their apps in celebration of Mother's Day, Father's day, If Pets Had Thumbs Day or whatever, then they're releasing dirt-cheap compilation packs like Blue Shadow Games' latest, which collects three great titles...

First Look: Means of Escape

So you guys are looking forward to all the Unreal Engine-powered games on their way to the App Store, eh? Okay, here's another worth keeping an eye on. While digging around for details about Desert Zombie: Last Stand yesterday, I discovered Pub Games, one of the games studios involved with that title, are also hard at work on an intriguing platformer/puzzle game set to debut on PC and iPad later this year.

Gears Review

Rather surprisingly, Crescent Moon's latest release, Gears, sees the lauded game studio ditch the epic scale, vast fantasy worlds and swords ‘n’ sorcery of Aralon and Rimelands, and turn out a casual rolling-ball platformer instead. Unsurprisingly, it rocks...

The Last Ace of Space Review

They say cats always land on their feet but that certainly ain't the case for intrepid feline adventurer Ace, the star of Astro Crow's innovative twist on the endless running genre, who having come a cropper on an alien planet instantly finds himself under attack and on the run from an outlandish array of extraterrestrial nogoodniks.

Elemental Rage In-Depth Review

Not since Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" has it been this important to prevent leakage of story spoilers, and iFanzine dutifully complies in this in-depth review. If you're familiar with the terms "Metroidvania" or "Castleroid," then heads-up, because you'll surely want to look into this one!

Samurai Girl In-Depth Review and Giveaway!

That's one small step for a mobile RPG, one giant leap for sidescrolling action games on iOS! The great thing about a videogame straddling genres is that it can still stand out from the crowd as long as it does one of the things it's billed as exceptionally well, and this is certainly the case with CJ E&M and Mobicle's latest Action RPG offering. Find out how to score a free copy of the game inside!

Samurai Girl Hands-On Preview

Gamevil's Illusia, but on steroids? Yeah, it's kinda like that. Over the past few days iFanzine has spent some quality time with this swiftly approaching title, and we're still nowhere near finishing it despite the number of times we've had our arses handed to us by the player's opposition in Samurai Girl. If you've been waiting for a title that really puts the "action" in Action RPG, check out our preview and you'll see that this one's got your name on it!

Quietus Review

So, you think all those lava levels in the original Super Mario Bros. made you man or woman enough to handle the very flames of Hell? Connor Ullmann's devilishly designed and deviously morbid creation will make you think again. This is one retro platformer not meant for the faint of heart!