Perfect Score

Battle Group Review

If you had asked me a week ago whether I'd ever give a rail shooter a perfect score during my game reviewing career, I would have said not to bet on it -- a game in this genre has to do a lot to make up for the player's lack of exploratory freedom, after all, and I'd played very few that managed such a feat. Then "Battle Group" came along.

Squids Review

If the $0.99 price tag on "Squids" isn't a release sale, please pinch us, because we must be dreaming. Let's put this in food terms: plunking down the purchase price for The Game Bakers' turn-based RPG debut is like going into a bake shop to buy a muffin, and coming away with a luxurious wedding cake without paying a penny more.

Shake Spears Review

Best jousting game ever? You betcha. One of the greatest and most memorable iOS games in its price range? Yeah, that too. Alawar Entertainment and Wake Up Studios have brought us something truly impressive.

Diversion Review

No interface? No problem! After learning how limited the player's input options are in the Edis Brothers' "Diversion," I went in determined to loathe it. Instead, after a few hours leaping, sliding, shimmying, gliding and climbing through its levels, I came out on the other side a firm believer. Behold the running game to end all running games!

City of Secrets Review

This console quality offering from Aidem Media is so easy to jump into, yet so satisfyingly varied and content-packed, that it easily straddles the border between casual and hardcore appeal. It feels sinfully underpriced on the iPhone and iPod Touch, but don't worry; we won't tell anyone should you happen to indulge.

6th Planet Review

Five out of five chimps agree: this mega collaboration from Monkube and a number of art studios is the best darn iteration of "lunar lander" you'll find on the iOS. Boasting perfectly fine-tuned physics, a wonderfully illustrated sci-fi story filled with as many twists as the game's complex levels, and a pick-up-and-play interface, 6th Planet gives the iOS gamer just about everything he or she would ever look for in a videogame -- and then some!

Bug Heroes Giveaway: 10 Codes up Grabs!

"It’s got everything an iOS gamer could ask for...without a doubt, Bug Heroes is the year’s first must-have release," is how we excitedly summed up Foursaken Media's smash-hit sophomore effort, shortly before honoring this genre-defying gem with our highest accolade, a fantastic 5 stars out of 5! Now, courtesy of the kind folks at Foursaken, iFanzine have 10 copies of this great game to give away to our readers!

Bug Heroes In-Depth Review

Bug Heroes was already excellent when it took the App Store by storm last week, but Foursaken Media's first "bug" fix update has brought it to the level of pure gaming bliss. It doesn't really matter which genre you're most fond of; Bug Heroes has something for everyone, whether it be a creative premise, furious onscreen action, high score competition, or deep player character customization.

Galaxy on Fire 2 In-Depth Review

You know how everyone's been clamoring for a sci-fi RPG lately? Fish Labs has an answer for that. While there's nary a hit point to be found in Galaxy on Fire 2, its superbly delivered story and characterization, incredible depth, and overall genre-defying appeal should fit the bill for anyone interested in seeing what happens when roleplaying and adventure are mixed with a little 3D space action.