Interview With Red Robot Labs

What's the key to being a successful indie startup? Well, after our latest interview we can say this much: having someone associated with "Fable", "Killzone", and "Heavenly Sword" on the team doesn't hurt!

Order & Chaos Online: First Impressions

The long-awaited release of Gameloft's "true real-time, full-3D MMORPG", Order & Chaos, has finally happened. Following its initial Canada-only launch on Tuesday, the game is now available in App Stores globally. I quickly snapped it up and a full review simply wouldn't be possible at this point. Therefore, I've put together my first impressions for all of you who are as skeptical as I was about this title. Keyword: was.

Yslandia content expansion revealed; Yuletide sale

As promised, MovingPlayer is hard at work rolling out updates to its MMORPG Yslandia, a collaboration with Bulkypix that saw worldwide release back in October. Here's the lowdown on the latest content expansions and details on a friend referral promotion MovingPlayer is running until 12/31/10!

MovingPlayer Interview

Recently we had the opportunity to trade Ymails with MovingPlayer, developers of the hit iPhone MMORPG Yslandia. Should players begin thinking about iPhone vs. Android Guild rivalries? Is there more to the Simeh'a Alliance and Zaa'me Coalition than meets the eye? How will content upgrades be presented? Find out inside!

Yslandia In-Depth Review

Here's a game that shows it's always better to hunt in packs than to be a lone wolf. If you're looking for a well designed social gaming experience on your iPhone, this MMORPG brought to us courtesy of MovingPlayer and BulkyPix should totally be up your alley.

Yslandia Out Now!

Following its smash-hit performance in France and a thorough beta testing stint in Canada, Yslandia, BulkyPix and Moving Player's ambitious stab at bringing a fully-featured MMORPG to iPhone, is at last available. Sean Koch, iFanzine's go to guy for anything and everything RPG-related, recently spent some hands-on time with (or should that be in?) Yslandia, and declared the game to be "close to perfection..."

Yslandia: Hands-On Preview

iFanzine recently received an advance copy of Yslandia, a MMORPG that's spent plenty of time near the top of France's Appstore charts and is about to roll into the US Appstore courtesy of Moving Player and Bulkypix. If you're on the lookout for a massively multiplayer RPG experience without the massive buildup of monthly fees, this is one app you'll want to keep on your radar.