SZC: Beyond Dead Review

Consider "Beyond Dead" a work that's still very much in progress. Even at this early stage, it's clear that there's lots of "Metroid"-style goodness to look forward to once it's fleshed out and gets some interface refining.

Dark Incursion Review

There's a wonderful little Action Adventure buried beneath some hard-hitting flaws here. Lack of a map system and finicky movement controls leave it at a severe disadvantage compared to its competition on iOS, so it takes a very forgiving genre fan to enjoy it for the time being.

Elemental Rage In-Depth Review

Not since Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" has it been this important to prevent leakage of story spoilers, and iFanzine dutifully complies in this in-depth review. If you're familiar with the terms "Metroidvania" or "Castleroid," then heads-up, because you'll surely want to look into this one!