Toybox Review

An unlikely genre mashup makes "Toybox" one of the most memorable casual action games on the App Store.

Minicons Review

Inception IQ steps up to the plate with a game that puts a real "spin" (pun absolutely intended) on the typical matching game formula. But if it doesn't go hand-in-hand with depth, can innovation alone be enough to out-maneuver most other genre offerings?

Jungle Games Review

If you ask me, Match-3 games are stuck in a bit of a monkey see, monkey do rut, with most tending to stick closely to the tried and tested grid-based, jewel bustin' format. Thankfully, indie developers Koordinauten GmbH rip up the rulebook for Jungle Games...

Shining Core Review

At first plagued by a game-crashing bug and unreviewable, Shining Core has benefited from an update that makes it run smoothly on third and fourth generation iDevices at least. Second generation iDevice users will still want to be cautious about picking this one up, and it's a shame because this Match 3/RPG genre mashup from ZLE Game, Inc., turned out to be surprisingly compelling.

ChronoSgear Review

Genre Blends have quickly become the norm in iDevice gaming. We’re all used to the simple sidescrollers, match threes, and all of that fodder, but what would happen if we mix them? The answer is ChronoSgear!

Booooly! Review

With Booooly!, NextApps make a commendable attempt at putting a fresh spin on the match-3 game, a genre which, lets face it, has been pretty much stuck in its ways since 1994's seminal puzzler Shariki.