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Hero’s Way Review

With a unique combat system, a luscious presentation and plenty of content to back it up, I still find it hard to believe "Hero's Way" is free to play. Except in one respect -- the developer definitely needs to re-evaluate the game's grindfest approach to challenge!

The iFriday Roundup, No. 7

Spring may be the season when love is in the air, but Fall is the time for iOS sales. So let's see those leaves fall and celebrate Labor Day, baby! So many sales are taking place on the App Store it's not even funny, making this the biggest iFriday Roundup yet. Be sure to check the second page for updates and news, as well as a writing contest from SEGA of America!

The iFriday Roundup, No. 1

With new games constantly bombarding iOS, it's easy to forget that previous releases are receiving impressive updates from their developers all the while. This feature will bring attention to updates, bugfixes, and miscellanous tidbits related to our previous coverage that have caught iFanzine's eye during the week.

Brave Code Hands-On Preview

Lakoo, perhaps best known for the MMORPG "Empire Online," is trying its hand at an iOS exclusive, single-player Action RPG with the upcoming "Brave Code." Lakoo was generous enough to let our grubby little hands near a preview build, and take it from us: this is one to watch if you're looking for an Action RPG that completely shakes up the traditional genre formula!