Interview With Aoineko Studios’ Ben Steele

Aoineko Studios are certainly making an impression with their CG renders and footage of "Kitaru," an absolutely huge indie sci-fi RPG project. Learn more in our interview with studio director Ben Steele!
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Saturday Morning RPG Review

Rush out and give "Saturday Morning RPG's" free tutorial episode a download. Even if you aren't an RPG fan you may be drawn in by its active battle system and streamlined approach.

Grinsia Review

A day/night cycle and some help with random battle avoidance make "Grinsia" more interesting than your average retro JRPG, and it's sure got polish.
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Adventure Bar Story Review

"Adventure Bar Story" doesn't explore the full potential that a JRPG/tycoon sim mashup could have, but that doesn't stop it from being a solid JRPG!

Hands-On With Saturday Morning RPG

Bottom line: its story may be chock full of 1980s references, but "Saturday Morning RPG" is built from the best that late '90s JRPGs had to offer. We're certainly not complaining about that!