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Giveaway: Win Adventure Bar Story, Sonic 4 & More!

On tap this week are "Adventure Bar Story" (times ten!), "Sonic 4" and "Non Flying Soldiers!" Read More »

Interview With Aoineko Studios’ Ben Steele

Aoineko Studios are certainly making an impression with their CG renders and footage of "Kitaru," an absolutely huge indie... Read More »

Concept Art Corner: Kitaru in High Definition

Did the CG renders in our Aoineko Studios interview leave you salivating for more? Then get in here and... Read More »

Saturday Morning RPG Review

Rush out and give "Saturday Morning RPG's" free tutorial episode a download. Even if you aren't an RPG fan... Read More »

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Grinsia Review

A day/night cycle and some help with random battle avoidance make "Grinsia" more interesting than your average retro JRPG,... Read More »

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Epic Giveaway: Win CHAOS RINGS II and Ravenmark!!!

We're big believers in the old adage that "it's better to give than to receive" here at iFanzine. Read More »

Adventure Bar Story Review

"Adventure Bar Story" doesn't explore the full potential that a JRPG/tycoon sim mashup could have, but that doesn't stop... Read More »

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Hands-On With Adventure Bar Story

"Adventure Bar Story" isn't your average JRPG, that's for sure! Read More »

Hands-On With Saturday Morning RPG

Bottom line: its story may be chock full of 1980s references, but "Saturday Morning RPG" is built from the... Read More »

Interview With Josh Fairhurst of Mighty Rabbit Studios

Gentleman, scholar, and studio lead Josh Fairhurst dropped by to give us a massive 4-page interview about Mighty Rabbit... Read More »

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