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Mikey Shorts Review

The "Super Mario"-inspired "Mikey Shorts" is an enjoyably challenging platformer with bags of charm! Read More »

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Tread of the Dead Review

"Tread of the Dead" is a ton of fun and proves there's still life left in the iOS zombie-slaying... Read More »

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The Curse Review

Its brain-busting logic puzzles result in the genre's most challenging entry yet, but "The Curse" is so well crafted... Read More »

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Kukouri Mobile’s Kim Soares Talks Violence in Videogames

Taking his second turn in the hot seat is Kukouri Mobile CEO Kim Soares, who gives us a developer's... Read More »

Wannabat Plus Review

vitusoft hit a home run with "Wannabat Plus", an enjoyably arcade-y take on America’s Pastime! Read More »

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Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast Review

"Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast" boasts a neat concept but gets stale pretty quick... Read More »

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Chicken Raid Review

Can "Chicken Raid" dethrone "Angry Birds" as the king of physics puzzlers? Not even close. Read More »

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Cats Away Review

Is "Cats Away" only so much kitty litter, or an oddball casual feast that lands on its feet? Find... Read More »

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Interview With PlaySide Studios’ Gerry Sakkas

How could you possibly turn the Noah's Ark tale into an endless runner game? PlaySide Studios CEO Gerry Sakkas... Read More »

Puppy’s Plaything Review

If you're into casual puzzle games and could go for a little action too, throw this dog a bone!... Read More »

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