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News Flash – “Life is Magic” Announced, “Dangerous” Goes HD, “Hero Mages” Gets Major Upgrade

Extra, extra, read all about it! Awesome announcements and updates from Red Robot Labs, Binary Helix and D20 Studios!... Read More »

Mikey Shorts Review

The "Super Mario"-inspired "Mikey Shorts" is an enjoyably challenging platformer with bags of charm! Read More »

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Tread of the Dead Review

"Tread of the Dead" is a ton of fun and proves there's still life left in the iOS zombie-slaying... Read More »

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The Curse Review

Its brain-busting logic puzzles result in the genre's most challenging entry yet, but "The Curse" is so well crafted... Read More »

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Kukouri Mobile’s Kim Soares Talks Violence in Videogames

Taking his second turn in the hot seat is Kukouri Mobile CEO Kim Soares, who gives us a developer's... Read More »

Wannabat Plus Review

vitusoft hit a home run with "Wannabat Plus", an enjoyably arcade-y take on America’s Pastime! Read More »

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Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast Review

"Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast" boasts a neat concept but gets stale pretty quick... Read More »

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Chicken Raid Review

Can "Chicken Raid" dethrone "Angry Birds" as the king of physics puzzlers? Not even close. Read More »

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Cats Away Review

Is "Cats Away" only so much kitty litter, or an oddball casual feast that lands on its feet? Find... Read More »

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Interview With PlaySide Studios’ Gerry Sakkas

How could you possibly turn the Noah's Ark tale into an endless runner game? PlaySide Studios CEO Gerry Sakkas... Read More »

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