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iPhone games

‘Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom’ Set for a Worldwide Release Very Soon

"Sonic Dash 2" is coming out of soft-launch and releasing globally in the very near future... Read More »

Official ‘Biker Mice from Mars’ Mobile Game Hopes to Rev up Funding on Kickstarter

Help Kickstart 9th Impact's new "Biker Mice from Mars" endless runner... Read More »

‘Combo Quest’ Is Apple’s Free App of the Week

Get Tapinator’s charmingly retro-styled endless RPG "Combo Quest" for free... Read More »

Drancia Review

If you liked the endless side-scrolling Action-RPG "Slayin'," you'll love "Drancia"... Read More »

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‘Dumb!’ Just Might Be the Most Utterly Demented Visual Novel (Parody) Ever Made

Mushi just wrapped up a very successful and very "Dumb!" Kickstarter campaign... Read More »

Cyberpunk Visual Novel ‘Read Only Memories’ Gets a Release Date, New Trailer

The wait is nearly over for Midboss Games' "Read Only Memories"... Read More »

Deals: Get ‘Horizon Chase,’ ‘Superbrothers,’ ‘God of Blades,’ ‘Tengami,’ & More for $0.99 Apiece

"Horizon Chase" and a bunch more games are available at a fraction of their usual prices today... Read More »

Devastator Review

Radiangames' "Devastator" is a passable but disappointingly generic twin-stick shooter... Read More »

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Upcoming Movie Tie-in Game ‘Goosebumps: Night of Scares’ Sounds Surprisingly Great

Here's the lowdown on Cosmic Forces and Free Range Games' "Goosebumps: Night of Scares"... Read More »

Kickstarter Launched for ‘Black Belt,’ an Homage to 80’s Classic ‘Kung Fu Master’

Creative Minds' Kickstarter for "Black Belt" has hit the ground running... Read More »

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