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‘Lara Croft GO’ Gets a Huge Update, Goes on Sale Again

"Lara Croft GO" is back on sale again to celebrate a massive new content update... Read More »

Out of Brakes Review

"Out of Brakes" is an entertaining endless obstacle-dodging game with cubist-artwork and no exploitative IAPs... Read More »

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Getting ‘Ghosts of Memories’ for $0.99 Is a SPECTREacular Bargain

Paplus has slashed the price of "Ghosts of Memories" from $2.99 to $0.99! Read More »

Notably Surreal Adventure Game ‘Memoranda’ Is Coming to iOS

Following a successful Kickstarter, "Memoranda" is headed to iOS... Read More »

Lara Croft GO! Review

"Lara Croft GO!" is a wonderfully produced experience that features tons of carefully crafted puzzles... Read More »

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Snag ‘Hitman: Sniper’ at Its Lowest Price yet, $1.99

Square Enix has shaved a whole 3 dollars off the price of "Hitman: Sniper"... Read More »

Help Kickstart ‘Zompire Wolf,’ an Endless Runner With a Monstrously Weird Main Character

DurtBird's Kickstarter campaign for "Zompire Wolf" is doing really well so far... Read More »

Neon Drive Review

"Neon Drive" is a neon-infused synth-laden tough-as-nails retro-inspired driving-experience... Read More »

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Zombie Food – No Candy For Halloween This Year Review

"Zombie Food" is sort of a Halloween-themed version of "Flappy Bird"... Read More »

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‘Lara Croft GO’ Gets a Price Drop to Celebrate the Release of ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’

"Lara Croft GO" is on sale for a very limited time only... Read More »

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