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Help ‘The Dreamland Chronicles’ Digital Trading Card Game Become a Reality on Kickstarter

Protobird Games are raising funds for a digital trading card game based on "The Dreamland Chronicles" web comic. Read More »

‘The Enchanted Cave 2′ Successfully Funded

Dustin Auxier recently wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign for "The Enchanted Cave 2", a sequel to his popular... Read More »

‘Drop Bot’ Lands on Kickstarter

Kyle Merritt's Kickstarter campaign for "Drop Bot" is off to a pretty decent start... Read More »

Space Ninjas Review

"Space Ninjas" sounds more exciting at first glance than it actually is. Imagine a one-fingered, novice ninja... Read More »

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TriBlaster Review

For those of you whom ever loved "Tempest" — or just classical videogames in general — you certainly can’t... Read More »

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Monument Valley Review

"Monument Valley" features a minimalist but mesmerizing design, a bit of story, and an experience not to be missed. Read More »

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Kickstarter for Pixel-Art Driven Exploration Game ‘Spirit’ Finishes Strong with over 250% Funding

After an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, "Spirit" should be completed later this summer. Read More »

Kickstarter for Tyler Clark’s 16-Bit Style Adventure Game ‘The Technician’ Ends Sucessfully

"The Technician" is headed to PC and Mac this summer, with an iOS version planned to arrive shortly thereafter.... Read More »

Fright Fight Review

Appsolute Games' "Fright Fight" serves as a good poster child for how not to do an online multiplayer fighting... Read More »

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Post-Apocalyptic Interactive Novel ‘The Seed’ Seeking Funding Now on Kickstarter

The Misery Developers have launched a Kickstarter to raise funding for "The Seed"... Read More »

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