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‘Rock Rock Rocket’, a Ridiculously Ambitious Open-World FPS/RPG, Hits Its Kickstarter Target

Open-world FPS-RPG "Rock Rock Rocket" has rocketed past its Kickstarter goal... Read More »

Discorun Review

Despite being from an overcrowded genre, "Discorun" impresses with tight controls, excellent level design, and unique visuals... Read More »

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Blendolous Review

"Blendolous" is an excellent (and also free!) color-mixing themed take on the "Threes!" genre. Read More »

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Scatty Rat Review

Despite some issues, "Scatty Rat" is a unique platforming game with massive potential... Read More »

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‘Jurassic World’ Star Ty Simpkins Goes Hands-On with Upcoming Zombie Shooter ‘Unkilled’

Madfinger managed to score a celebrity endorsement for "Unkilled" while at E3... Read More »

The First Official ‘Crashlands’ Trailer Has Landed

Check out a snazzy new trailer for Butterscotch Shenanigans’ action-crafting RPG "Crashlands"... Read More »

ReconInForce Review

"ReconInForce" is a competent, as well as free, mobile strategy game that certainly manages to live up to its... Read More »

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Help Kickstart ‘Pixel Starships’, a Game That’s Like ‘FTL’ Meets ‘Tiny Tower’ Meets ‘EVE Online’

SavySoda's Kickstarter for the stellar looking "Pixel Starships" is still in need of some last minute support... Read More »

Deals: ‘Radiation Island’, ‘Oceanhorn’, ‘Limbo’, ‘Crazy Hedgy’, & More Now Free or on Sale

A whole slew of top-notch iOS games are on sale for as little as $0.00! Read More »

Blowfish Rescue Review

"Blowfish Rescue" is an excellent — and often visually mesmerizing — physics-based puzzle game. Read More »

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