Interview With Miralupa

Check. It. Out! Stepping up to the interview plate this time are Elie Charest, Mathieu Dupont, and Serge Landry, who give us a peek into their upcoming Augmented Reality game, "Chromian Wars." This could be the wave of the future, folks!

Interview With Bane Games

With the release of Bane Games' naval warfare shoot 'em up, "Battle Group," nearing, it's about time we whip out our chat with Director Alistair Doulin. So, just how did Bane Games conjure up a sense of military realism in their latest game? You might be surprised by the answer!

Image & Form: Interview and Giveaway!

For our latest interview, we chatted up a storm with Brjánn Sigurgeirsson, CEO of Image & Form! It's a dramatic and insightful mega article, and while you're reading the conclusion on the third page, won't you be a dear and log into Twitter? There could be a free copy of "Anthill" in it for you!

Retromite Interview

This time we sit down for an in-depth electronic chat with Retromite's two-man crew: Gregg Williams and Kawe Weissi-Zadeh. Like many game industry veterans they've teamed up for a journey back to their creative roots, adding fuel to the retro fire sweeping through the App Store!

Defiant Development Interview

For our latest interview we fired some questions at Morgan Jaffit of Defiant Development. If you're keeping tabs on iOS Action RPGs, you'll recall Defiant's pre-alpha footage of "Quick Quest," which surfaced in late July; but the impression we came away with is that it doesn't matter what your favorite platform is -- you need to keep an eye on this promising indie dev from Down Under!

Fakepup Games Interview

The entire development team working on "Super Bit Dash" was kind enough to take some time out of their schedules to chat with us about their craft. Witness the evolution of Australopithecus OneLifeus into Homo Sapiens SuperBitDashus in this candid two-pager!

Interview: The Multimedia Fusion 2 iOS Exporter

A couple weeks back we learned that Chris Carson, responsible for programming "Vincere Totus Astrum" and "Solar Rescue Densetsu" under the Gamesare Studios label, also happens to work for Clickteam. How could we pass up the chance to get a few questions answered about Multimedia Fusion 2 and the new iOS Exporter? Those with an interest in game design need to check this out!

Dobsoft Studios Interview and Giveaway!

In our latest interview, Will Dobson of Dobsoft Studios takes a break from gunslinging to chat with us about their slick upcoming action game, "Gun Fu." Dobsoft has some promo codes in store too -- find out what you have to do for a chance to score them at the end of the interview!

Interview with Patrick Wolowicz, Creator of “Zen Wars!”

Thanks to Liv Games we were able to spring an ambush on Patrick Wolowicz, the man behind and developer of "Zen Wars," and he had no choice but to let us interview him. The interrogation turned out exceedingly well, as we came out of it with over two pages' worth of juicy details about the making of this awesome upcoming strategy game!

Wake Up Studios Interview

"Shake Spears!" hit such a sweet spot here at iFanzine, we just had to rush out and grab an interview with the developers to find out more. What can we expect in updates? Can we look forward to a multiplayer mode in the future? And just how much work *does* go into making a cool iOS game icon, anyway? Find the answers to all these burning questions and scope out lots of concept art inside!

RedLynx Interview

iFanzine recently had an opportunity to sit down with Antti Ilvessuo, Creative Director of Redlynx! How does a small indie developer go all the way to making big budget, big-name titles? As they say, attitude is everything!