Interview With The Game Bakers!

Hot on the heels of "Squids'" App Store release we were able to get in touch with Emeric Thoa, Creative Director of The Game Bakers! Find out more of the story behind this studio and their scrumptious five-star Action RPG inside!

Interview with Sunfish Studio

To celebrate the release of "Galaxy Pirate Adventure" we're publishing our recent interview with Anthony Law, director of Sunfish Studio! Find out some of the interesting backstory behind this massive sci-fi Action RPG inside. And hold on a second -- did Anthony just give us a tip on where to find the coolest ship in the game? We think so!

Kiloo Games Interview

Today we bring you our rapid fire Q&A with Jeppe Bisbjerg, producer of Kiloo Games' upcoming 3D action-adventure title, "Bullet Time!" Sounds like this one's going to be part gun slinger, part Action RPG, and all awesome.

Interview With Pixel and Texel

Pixel and Texel's "Fara" is just one week away! You know what that means: it's time to whip out our interview with Andrew Strickland, one half of the dynamic duo behind this Action RPG. What's his advice for running a Kickstarter campaign? What are his expert coffee recommendations? Find the answers to these, and other critical questions, inside!

Interview With Miralupa

Check. It. Out! Stepping up to the interview plate this time are Elie Charest, Mathieu Dupont, and Serge Landry, who give us a peek into their upcoming Augmented Reality game, "Chromian Wars." This could be the wave of the future, folks!

Interview With Bane Games

With the release of Bane Games' naval warfare shoot 'em up, "Battle Group," nearing, it's about time we whip out our chat with Director Alistair Doulin. So, just how did Bane Games conjure up a sense of military realism in their latest game? You might be surprised by the answer!

Image & Form: Interview and Giveaway!

For our latest interview, we chatted up a storm with Brjánn Sigurgeirsson, CEO of Image & Form! It's a dramatic and insightful mega article, and while you're reading the conclusion on the third page, won't you be a dear and log into Twitter? There could be a free copy of "Anthill" in it for you!