Hands-On Preview

Hands-On Preview: Squids

If the past few weeks were excellent for Real-Time Strategy fans on iOS, the next few are bound to leave the Action RPG crowd in similar ecstasy. Recently we previewed Pixel and Texel's "Fara," and today it's The Game Bakers' turn. Can their upcoming iOS debut, "Squids," truly bridge the gap between the casual crowd and RPG fanatics? You'll have to wait until next week to find out, but check inside for a peek at how the game's shaping up!

Hands-On Preview: Fara

Are you tired of the same old gameplay model appearing time and time again in iOS Action RPGs? Pixel and Texel feel the same way, and their aim is to usher in something quite different with their upcoming genre entry, "Fara!"

Hands-On Preview: Anthill

We'll say it again: we prefer not to make predictions at the preview stage. But doggone it if some developers don't make it so easy! Fans of Castle Defense and Real-Time Strategy games will be marching to the beat of Image & Form's "Anthill" when it releases in early October, because this ain't your average genre offering!

Hands-On Preview: Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword

Hot on the heels of FatCow Games' "Idyllic," XperimentalZ Games is sprinting toward the finish line of yet another project that injects some depth into the side-scrolling genre. Oh, did we mention this one has lightsabers? Naturally we sought a hands-on preview when we found out that little detail!

Hands-On Preview: Battle Group

If you've been waiting for a really neat rail shooter to hit iOS, you'll want to keep an eye out for this upcoming collaboration from Bane Games, Squid Tank and Game Audio Australia!

RobotRiot Hands-On Preview

In our latest hands-on preview we get a sneak peek at Retromite's upcoming iOS debut, "Robotriot." If you're a side-scrolling platformer fan, this one is aiming straight at your heart, as it hearkens back to an era that many would agree was the genre's golden age.

Gun Fu Hands-On Preview

As much a work of slick art nouveau as it is a videogame, "Gun Fu" is a good example of how much a developer can accomplish with a minimalistic approach.

Run Fox Run Hands-On Preview

Ok, so normally I would refrain from giving an upcoming game anything even approaching a definite appraisal until the end product has been released onto the App Store, but having put a beta build of Chris Johns' Run Fox Run through its paces, I'm just gonna come out and say it: barring any major last-minute cock-ups, this slick little side-scroller has smash-hit written all over it!

Bouncy Mouse Hands-On Preview

Android players have been falling head over heels for Eric Karl's "Bouncy Mouse" for a few days now, but it sure is taking its sweet old time moseying on over to the App Store. What better way to pass the time than with a hands-on preview, so you can see what all the squeaking is about?

Vermes on Mars Hands-On Preview

Aztlan Games sure like their creepy critters! Fresh off last April's "Multipods: Escalation," they're back already with lots more crawly things, and after some hands-on time with "Vermes on Mars" we're glad to see that they're really upping the ante! Action fans who are looking for depth and some fun on-the-fly strategizing will want to keep a keen eye on this one as it nears release.

Zen Wars Hands-On Preview

Liv Games gave us a sneak peek at their upcoming strategy game "Zen Wars," developed in collaboration with subzero.eu! It's built with Cocos2d, and it even has comic book panels. If you recall our track record of loving Cocos2d and comic book-style storytelling to bits, you'll correctly guess our feelings on this one -- and if you're looking for a multiplayer strategy match, so much the better!

Idyllic Hands-On Preview

So, on the very same day we fire up our preview copy of the upcoming sidescrolling platformer "Idyllic," developer FatCow Games announces a writing contest to let one fan determine the answers to the game's deepest mysteries? Believe it -- it's just more proof that anything's possible in this indie-driven market! Read our hands-on impressions of the game and get the scoop on FatCow's writing contest inside.