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Hands-On Preview

Hands-On Preview: Chromian Wars

iOS devs are keeping us busy here at iFanzine! No sooner did we hop out of the mech from... Read More »

Updated Impressions: iDamaged

It's been almost half a year since we first climbed into The Red Thing's arcade mech shooter "iDamaged," so... Read More »

Hands-On Preview: Galaxy Pirate Adventure

Sunfish Studio's been playing close to the vest with its upcoming "Galaxy Pirate Adventure," a gorgeous tour-de-force slated to... Read More »

Hands-on Preview: Haunted Domains

We've begun Trick or Treat a little early here at iFanzine, visiting developers' doorsteps in search of goodies. One... Read More »

Hands-On Preview: Squids

If the past few weeks were excellent for Real-Time Strategy fans on iOS, the next few are bound to... Read More »

Hands-On Preview: Fara

Are you tired of the same old gameplay model appearing time and time again in iOS Action RPGs? Pixel... Read More »

Hands-On Preview: Anthill

We'll say it again: we prefer not to make predictions at the preview stage. But doggone it if some... Read More »

Hands-On Preview: Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword

Hot on the heels of FatCow Games' "Idyllic," XperimentalZ Games is sprinting toward the finish line of yet another... Read More »

Hands-On Preview: Battle Group

If you've been waiting for a really neat rail shooter to hit iOS, you'll want to keep an eye... Read More »

RobotRiot Hands-On Preview

In our latest hands-on preview we get a sneak peek at Retromite's upcoming iOS debut, "Robotriot." If you're a... Read More »

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