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‘Papa Sangre II’ Goes Free for One Day Only

"Papa Sangre II" is free today only to celebrate winning the “Excellence in Sound Design” at this year’s IMGAs. Read More »

Sky Tribes Review

"Sky Tribes" is yet another game that's jumped on the "Clash of Clans" bandwagon, but at least it offers... Read More »

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‘Sonic Dash’ Fans Obliterate yet Another Global Challenge – ‘Rouge the Bat’ Now Unlocked!

Rouge the Bat has just been unlocked as a playable character in "Sonic Dash". Read More »

‘Bravura – Quest Rush’ Gets a Major Update

Digital Tales just gave their unique time-driven action-RPG "Bravura - Quest Rush" a humongous new update... Read More »

Mega Jump 2 Review

"Mega Jump 2" is similar enough to its predecessor to make loyal fans happy, yet offers enough newness to... Read More »

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RoboCop Review

"Robocop" is an enjoyable "Time Crisis"-esque shooter that makes good use of the license. Read More »

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Quadropus Rampage Review

Compelling endless beat'em up action and solid controls mean "Quadropus Rampage" is a mobile Roguelike that will delight genre... Read More »

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‘Pakka Pets’ Kickstarter off to an Amazing Start

The Kickstarter campaign for Tamagotchi-esque virtual pet game "Pakka Pets" is off to a strong start! Read More »

Jet Car Stunts 2 Review

"Jet Car Stunts 2" by True Axis is a huge, challenging, fun, and absolutely exhilarating followup to the 2009... Read More »

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Cheeky Monsters Review

"Cheeky Monsters" feels similar to a brick breaker, except your device is the paddle. Read More »

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