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‘Drop Bot’ Lands on Kickstarter

Kyle Merritt's Kickstarter campaign for "Drop Bot" is off to a pretty decent start... Read More »

Fright Fight Review

Appsolute Games' "Fright Fight" serves as a good poster child for how not to do an online multiplayer fighting... Read More »

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‘Ava’s Quest’ Is Now Completely Free (Updated)

"Ava's Quest" has dropped its $1.99 full version IAP unlock, meaning this excellent old-school platformer is now totally free. Read More »

‘Sonic Dash’ Fans Obliterate yet Another Global Challenge – ‘Rouge the Bat’ Now Unlocked!

Rouge the Bat has just been unlocked as a playable character in "Sonic Dash". Read More »

All the Latest ‘Sonic Dash’ News, plus a Trailer for Sonic’s Upcoming TV Show, ‘Sonic Boom’!

Loadsa great news for fans of "Sonic Dash" and SEGA's blue blur in general... Read More »

‘Stellar Wars’ Gets a Huge Update, Goes Free!

In celebration of an epic new update, Liv Games have set the price of "Stellar Wars" to free for... Read More »

‘Rapboss’ Rustling Up Funds on Kickstarter

Jenny Changnon has taken to Kickstarter to help fund "Rapboss", an awesome-looking battle rap game. Read More »

RoboCop Review

"Robocop" is an enjoyable "Time Crisis"-esque shooter that makes good use of the license. Read More »

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Quadropus Rampage Review

Compelling endless beat'em up action and solid controls mean "Quadropus Rampage" is a mobile Roguelike that will delight genre... Read More »

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‘Sonic Dash’ Fans Can Unlock Silver the Hedgehog for Free This Christmas!

SEGA and Hardlight studios are back with yet another community challenge for "Sonic Dash" players everywhere. Read More »

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