Flight Simulator

Air Force vs Luftwaffe Hands-on Preview

A tendril of black smoke belching from the bullet-riddled hide of my Hawker Hurricane, I swoop dangerously close to terra firma before jerking my iPod clockwise just before I hit the dirt. Soaring back upwards through the sky, I eviscerate a Jerry bomber with a hail of machine gun fire... Hell yeah! This truly is exhilarating, edge-of-your-seat stuff!

Cargocopter Review

I remember the days where I used to play with my beloved RC Helicopter. I was never the ideal pilot, for my plane always ended up flying into a wall or ceiling fan; breaking into a million pieces. This was a very traumatizing time for me. After extensive therapy, I decided to give Terrence Palmer's CargoCopter a go, donning the utmost levity while at it. Now, aside from shipping crates, does this little plane have what it takes to deliver a solid gaming experience?