Real Steel Review

"Real Steel" comes out in theaters on October 7, and we're giving Jump Games' videogame tie-in the review treatment to celebrate! All in all, I'd say it was well worth the look for the lesson I came away with: certain things just shouldn't be automated.

Giveaway: Win STREET FIGHTER IV Volt, Mighty Fin & Happy Jumper!

This Friday’s contest is so good it hurts! Attack our ‘Tweet’ button and throw a few Facebook ‘Likes’ in iFanzine’s direction (a combo of both works best) all this week and you could walk away with some truly excellent prizes, including Street Fighter IV Volt, Mighty Fin and Happy Jumper. See what I did there?

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Review

With its roster of outlandish psychopaths, gallons of blood and gore and OTT, incredibly graphic "fatalities", Mortal Kombat was, in part, responsible for the creation of the ERSB and remains the undisputed king of 90s video game nasties. But how does this rebooted and graphically enhanced iPhone iteration square up to impressive showing of fighting games already available for the format?.

Infinity Blade In-Depth Review

What is it called when stellar graphics meet beautiful hardware and are infused with sleek mechanics and just a pinch of the surreal? An epic game would be the general answer. My answer - Infinity Blade. Announced at the Apple keynote, "Project Sword", captured our imaginations, not just with game-play or graphics, although it did just that, but especially with what was under the hood...

MMA Review

Brandishing three different gameplay options - Career, Exhibition, and Challenges, the ability to totally customize your fighter, and a unique control scheme, EA Mobile's MMA delivers a remarkably fully featured fighting game on iPhone!

Little Hero Review

Having already put iPhone gamer's reactions through their paces with a one-two punch of speedily paced platformers Fastball 1 & 2, Klik! Games return to the App Store with Little Hero, another game that requires quick wits and quicker fingers to master.