FDG Entertainment

Roar Rampage Review

Take control of a giant dinosaur’s right fist and smash everything that comes your way in FDG'S fun (but very repetitive) "Roar Rampage".

Across Age DX In-Depth Review

While Korean devs have shown they really know how to put the "Action" in Action RPG, EXE Create and FDG Entertainment bring us back to an era when the genre wasn't so much about combat, and clever dungeon puzzles instead reigned supreme. Its gameplay style may be a bit of an adjustment for players used to the typical genre offerings on this platform, but Across Age DX is so well executed as to make it a must-play title for Action RPG fans equipped with appropriate iDevices.

Beyond Ynth Review

Beyond Ynth, FDG Entertainment's newly released puzzle platformer was in development for over a year, and it shows - from the game's innovative and finely tuned central mechanic, to its hand-drawn, storybook style cutscenes and original score, this screams class at the top of its titchy lungs.