Dual-stick Shooter

Planet Wars Review

If you're a fan of dual-stick shooters and are looking for a genre offering that's much deeper than average, "Planet Wars" should be a real treat -- provided you don't mind a sluggish character at your fingertips.

Interview With Wicked Games

Our mammoth conversation with Sean Neville: composer, software engineer, game designer, and one half of the team behind Wicked Games! Find out more about the development of "SpyCorp," and see what else the studio has on the horizon, inside!

Bullet Time Review

It seems Kiloo really is trying out the "pay what you want" approach with this one: you feel so bad about getting a quality product for free that you want to toss the developer a buck or two for their effort.

Kiloo Games Interview

Today we bring you our rapid fire Q&A with Jeppe Bisbjerg, producer of Kiloo Games' upcoming 3D action-adventure title, "Bullet Time!" Sounds like this one's going to be part gun slinger, part Action RPG, and all awesome.

Vertex Blaster Review

Okay, so calling an iOS game ‘addictive’ may seem like a tired cliché at this point – heck, if their descriptions are to be believed, every second title on the App Store is basically digital crack, right? – but in all honesty, I can’t think of a more appropriate adjective to describe Warner Skoch’s new twin-stick shooter...

Bug Heroes Quest Review

Foursaken Media does it again! Just like the original "Bug Heroes," their newest is deep, content-packed and brimming with fun. The expanded story and huge environments this time around certainly don't hurt either! "Bug Heroes Quest" is a must-have for iDevice-owning Action RPG fans, but its appeal extends well beyond the genre.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review

The latest Transformers movie's huge box office haul proved once again that the franchise is utterly critic proof. The same is most likely true of this tie-in game courtesy of Electronic Arts, and despite its shortcomings anyone with a soft spot for the Autobots will get a kick out of taking control of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee to do battle with hordes of nasty Decepticons.

Evil Dead Review

In Evil Dead by Trigger Apps, you play as Ash, the wise-cracking, axe-wielding hero taking on an ancient evil. Does the latest game to ride the Bruce Campbell cult vehicle live up to its license or is this just one more page in the book of the dead? Steel yourself and press ahead, dear readers…if you dare!