Bug Heroes Giveaway: 10 Codes up Grabs!

"It’s got everything an iOS gamer could ask for...without a doubt, Bug Heroes is the year’s first must-have release," is how we excitedly summed up Foursaken Media's smash-hit sophomore effort, shortly before honoring this genre-defying gem with our highest accolade, a fantastic 5 stars out of 5! Now, courtesy of the kind folks at Foursaken, iFanzine have 10 copies of this great game to give away to our readers!

Legendary Wars Giveaway: 15 Codes Up For Grabs!

Liv Games' Legendary Wars earned a close to perfect score from iFanzine's discerning lead reviewer, Sean Koch, when he gave this "Real-Time Strategy/Castle Defense/RPG combo" an in-depth appraisal recently. And now thanks to the latest update - which, amongst other improvements, adds a host of control tweaks and a brand spanking new casual mode - this already awesome game just got a whole lot better!

Hot Damn: Win Devil May Cry 4 refrain!

So how the heck do we top last week's Dead Space promo code contest that received a record-smashing number of retweets? Simple. We mark the iOS debut of an arguably even bigger game franchise with yet another great giveaway. Yup, you've guessed it, iFanzine are offering one lucky reader the chance to score a copy of Capcom Mobile's Devil May Cry 4 refrain!

Martin Wheeler Interview and Contest: Win a Copy of Surveillant!

Meet the game designer behind Recluse Industries' "Surveillant," the deadliest game of Hide-and-Seek you'll find on the iOS. While electro fans will know him best as the man behind the music of Vector Lovers, Martin Wheeler's been designing hit videogames since the 8-bit era. And if that weren't impressive enough, he's tied into the interview a giveaway for "Surveillant" -- but this contest will force you to put on your thinking cap! Get your Tweets ready!

Scary Good Giveaway: Win Dead Space Promo Codes!

You honestly didn't think iFanzine would let something as epic as Dead Space landing on iOS pass without celebrating somehow, did you? Of course you didn't. Courtesy of the kind folks at EA Games, we've got not one, not two, but three codes for the iPhone/iPod Touch version of this 5 star masterpiece to give away. I know, out of this world, right?

Dead Rising Mobile Giveaway!

iFanzine's Jay Circo is as we speak frantically dashing around a shopping mall and bustin' zombie skulls with a baseball bat in preparation for his full review of Capcom Mobile's iOS iteration of Dead Rising. While we wait for him to get back, how do you guys fancy getting your hands on a free copy of the game?.

Mad O Ball 3D Giveaway!

Another week, another brilliant contest courtesy of our friends at Breakdown Studios! If you're not one of the 600.000 gamers who've downloaded Mad 'O' Ball 3D and have yet to sample the delights of this "terrifically enjoyable roll ‘em up", never fear, because iFanzine have 10 copies to give away!