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casual puzzle

Puzzle Love Review

If a puzzle lover could love puzzles, how many puzzles could a puzzle lover love? You can find out in "Puzzle Love," Naked Apps' free - for now - gift to puzzle lovers. Oh, by the way -- there's a link to a free iPad contest at the end of our review!

The Secret of Chateau de Moreau Review

Start with an Agatha Christie novel, stir in some delicious anime art, sprinkle in tons of clever brain-stumping puzzles, and you get Four Thirty Three's "The Secret of Chateau de Moreau." While not without some translation flaws, it's a truly gripping marriage of videogame and narrative. Here's to hoping there's more where this came from!

Desert Quest Review

An imbalanced title if there ever was one! "Desert Quest" packs in gorgeous visuals, variety, smoothly working technicals, and plenty of content. It's set back by the fact that the core of its gameplay is composed of rather lackluster combat and a find-the-needle-in-the-haystack approach to mission objectives.