‘Combo Slash’ Review

Great combo system and controls, poor approach to player progression. Beat 'em up and Action RPG fans alike would find lots to enjoy here if only you didn't have to play each of its levels over and over again.

Sarge Review

If you always wanted to know what would happen if you tossed “Spaceballs” and “Streets of Rage” into a blender, wonder no more! Avalinx’s “Sarge” may only be an hour long, but it’s one of the finest and funniest hours you’ll spend as an iOS gamer if you’re a beat ‘em up fan. Psst — it’s free too!

Bow Mobile Interview

The kind folks over at AppsJP served as our go-between for an interview with Bow Mobile CEO Ryosuke Jinno. Find out a little more background on the iOS release of Double Dragon, and Bow Mobile's future plans for the game, inside!

Double Dragon In-Depth Review

Beat 'em Up genre fans are liable to have a stormy love affair with this revamped edition of the game that started it all. Brought to us courtesy of Bow Mobile, Double Dragon's iOS incarnation has more depth and replay value than you can shake a bare knuckle at...but is it worth wrestling with a few considerable flaws?