Beat ’em Up

Sarge Review

If you always wanted to know what would happen if you tossed “Spaceballs” and “Streets of Rage” into a blender, wonder no more! Avalinx’s “Sarge” may only be an hour long, but it’s one of the finest and funniest hours you’ll spend as an iOS gamer if you’re a beat ‘em up fan. Psst — it’s free too!

CLAW Review

When the netherworld messes up their plan to become human, a Bear and a Tiger go on a rampage to kick some demonic tail. "CLAW" may not have all the depth needed to compete with classic side-scrolling beat 'em ups, but it proves that the genre is workable on iOS, and it sure is pretty to look at!

KungFu Warrior Review

A beat 'em up where you play as a dude who looks just like Bruce Lee? That's about all it will take to sell some folks on "KungFu Warrior," so it's a good thing this one has a slick gameplay system and content in spades to back up the magnetic draw of its premise.

Bow Mobile Interview

The kind folks over at AppsJP served as our go-between for an interview with Bow Mobile CEO Ryosuke Jinno. Find out a little more background on the iOS release of Double Dragon, and Bow Mobile's future plans for the game, inside!

Double Dragon In-Depth Review

Beat 'em Up genre fans are liable to have a stormy love affair with this revamped edition of the game that started it all. Brought to us courtesy of Bow Mobile, Double Dragon's iOS incarnation has more depth and replay value than you can shake a bare knuckle at...but is it worth wrestling with a few considerable flaws?

Mana Chronicles Review

This sidescrolling Action RPG brought to us by Spearhead Entertainment has a nice arcade style beat-em-up feel and its lack of fetch quests is a welcome rarity in the iPhone RPG library. Unfortunately consumers looking for deep gameplay mechanics and varied content should be forewarned that it suffers greatly from its heritage as a ported Java-enabled cell phone game.

Gigander X Review

Somehow developer Prodigy Co. manage to take a premise that sounds like a huge amount of fun on paper - ginormous remote controlled robots kicking each other's shiny metal asses amid the crumbling ruins of a decimated city - and make an incredibly dull little game out of it.