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Fix-it Felix Jr. Review

"Fix-It Felix Jr." is a very accurate and enjoyable tribute to the early 80’s era of arcade games! Read More »

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Irrupt Review

Sets and Settings’ App Store debut "Irrupt" is accessible, exciting and out-of-this-world addictive! Read More »

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Activision’s ‘Pitfall!’ Updated With a Plethora of Fan Requested New Features

"Pitfall!", one of iFanzine's all-time favorite endless-runner games, just received a rather nifty new update! Read More »

Giveaway: Win Bad Piggies, God of Blades, Supermagical & Steevee’s Gravity!

Nothing says “Happy Monday!” quite like a massive giveaway, right? Read More »

Boomtime Baseball Review

The ultra-stylish 1920s-set "Boomtime Baseball" looks the business, but strikes out due to lackluster gameplay and frustrating controls. Read More »

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Retrobot Review

"Retrobot" is one of the funniest, best looking comic book-style games on the App Store. It's got a few... Read More »

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Tread of the Dead Review

"Tread of the Dead" is a ton of fun and proves there's still life left in the iOS zombie-slaying... Read More »

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Giveaway: Win PITFALL!, Pinball City Paris HD, Sticky Linky, beem and On the Wind!

Hold on to your hats because here comes another gigantic giveaway! Read More »

First Look: Invader Eliminator, More Retro Awesomeness from Underground Pixel!

It's not due out until the New Year, but Underground Pixel’s next game is already looking pretty great! Read More »

Shellrazer Review

"Shellrazer" is beautifully crafted and colossally compelling. An iOS classic in waiting... Read More »

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