RAGE Mobile Review

Such is the god-awful state of reality TV and game shows these days, that the nightmare scenario brought to vivid life by id Software's newest shoot-'em-up RAGE Mobile - tooled-up contestants battling killer mutants for the viewing pleasure of bloodthirsty coach potatoes - probably isn't as far-fetched as one might like to imagine.

Shoot To Kill Review

Shoot to Kill: Addictive as Hell, a hot new collaboration by Vivid Games and Tower Studios, is an arcade-y actioner set in the fiery depths of Hades. The game has been unleashed on the App Store in various shapes and sizes - a coin-up style freemium version, a HD freemium version etc, etc - but, if you ask me, Addictive as Hell is the best and most fully featured experience of the lot, boasting, as it does, all 30 levels of shoot 'em up thrills, Game Center achievements, and 6 different modes from the off.

Dragon Fire: Una’s Quest Review

A pretty epic sounding slice of scene-setting story proceeds Debug Design's interesting spin on the retro style, top-down shooter, Dragon Fire: Una's Quest. Evil Queen Hydra is ruthlessly culling dragons and collecting their "knowledge sparks", so that she might gain control of the mythical land of Krytok! Playing as a feisty young dragon, Una, it's up to you to avenge your mother's death and put a end to Hydra's dastardly plans.

Reckless Racing Review

We first heard tell of Reckless Racing a good ways back. The game instantly grabbed iPhone gamers' attention thanks to its gorgeous graphics, an old school arcade-y perspective, and the promise of plenty of rubber burning action set deep down South. And gosh darn it if Pixelbite Games haven't come good on the potential for over-the-top fun inherent in the title's hillbillies race the heck outta hot rods premise...

Donkey Punch Review

Despite the smutty connotation of its title, - if you don't know what I mean, try googling Donkey Punch (ahem) - Smooth Landon's latest is an innocuous enough little app in the Doodle Jump mould that, thanks to its duo of wacky characters, absurd sense of humor, and simple tilt controls, should appeal to a younger audience of iPhone gamers.

Incredible indie Games Giveaway!

In the first of an ongoing series of contests, we're giving you, our lovely readers, the chance to win a selection of the very best games from the App Store's vibrant indieverse. From fire-breathing dragons to boxing donkeys, there really is something for everyone in this eclectic mix of prizes...

iPirate Battle Review

Having been relentlessly pursued across the seven seas by those you've pillaged and plundered from, Enora Software's iPirate Battle sees you dropping your ship's anchor, raising the Jolly Roger, and turning your cannons on a tooled-up fleet of attackers.

First Look: Moral Decay (8-bit Jesus Platformer!)

What do you get if you cross Jesus Christ with John Rambo? Well, if - and it's a big if - Apple gives their blessing to Infinite Lives' upcoming side-scrolling shooter, it looks like iPhone gamers will find out this Fall.

Zombie Flick Review

From the off, Full Fat's latest title addresses a niggling little improbability that has long irked me about most every game set amid a zombie apocalypse - namely, the heroic survivor's easy access to a stockpile of knives, guns, and grenades. Far more realistically, when a horde of flesh-eaters accost Zombie Flick's main protagonist - think a Saturday Night Fever era John Travolta - he must fend them off with anything he can lay his mitts on.

Super Fly Review

In Beserker Games' latest, chowing down on three turds in a row transforms your protagonist into an indestructible, muscle-bound killing machine. If that sounds like the best thing ever, you might as well stop reading now, because your new favorite game has just landed in the App Store.

Portal Rush Review

Gamers hankering after some honest-to-goodness old school action, unfettered by fancy schmancy 3D visuals or ground-breaking gimmicks have been well served by Apple's iDevices of late. The latest addition to the App Store's ever-swelling ranks of retro flavored titles is After Dark Studios' arcade puzzler Portal Rush.