Captain Puzzle Review

Tired of an apparently never ending barrage of bland puzzle games that seem content to rehash the ol' Match-3 formula without ever really contributing much in the way of innovation or originality to the genre? Well, never fear folks, because Spearhead Entertainment's Captain Puzzle is here to save the day with a colorful comic book aesthetic, tongue-in-cheek titular character who, hilariously, looks like a cross between Superman and Johnny Bravo, and over 50 levels of fun-packed action puzzling.

Push Panic Review

Time for a confession - having glanced at a few screenshots and quickly scanned the app description, I wrote Push Panic off as just another mildly entertaining variation on the old match-three puzzle formula. Could I have been more wrong?. Later, hunched over my iPod, beads of perspiration on my brow, fingers dancing about the screen as I frantically tried and tried again to conquer a particularly tricky level, I realized I wasn't just hooked; I was in love. Yes, Push Panic is that good.