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‘The Scratching Post’ Successfully Funded

Amazing looking interactive story/animation hybrid "The Scratching Post" recently hit its Kickstarter funding target. Read More »

‘Tiny Trek’ Looks Set to Smash Kickstarter Goal

Help fund "Tiny Trek", Gamesare Studios' stunning looking new space exploration game! Read More »

Giveaway: Win Oceanhorn, King’s League Odyssey, and a Stack of Stellar Wars Promo Codes!

We've got three must-have iOS games up for grabs again this week! Read More »

MidBoss Games’ Kickstarter Campaign for ‘Read Only Memories’ Gets off to a Good Start

This loving tribute to 90's adventure games definitely deserves your support... Read More »

Quirky “Musical Adventure” ‘Tadpole Treble’ Is Making Quite a Splash on Kickstarter

The crowdfunding campaign for Matthew Taranto's "Tadpole Treble" is going swimmingly so far... Read More »

‘Dwarven Delve’ Seeks Kickstarter Funding

TinkerHouse Games are seeking backers for their new puzzle RPG game, "Dwarven Delve". Read More »

Trilobyte Games Are Raising Funds on Kickstarter for ‘The 7th Guest 3: The Collector’

Help fund the third game in the classic "The 7th Guest" series: "The 7th Guest 3: The Collector"! Read More »

Indigo Lake Review

"Indigo Lake" is freaky in all the right ways, and while it may not bring anything new to the... Read More »

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The Cave Review

"Monkey Island" creator Ron Gilbert's "The Cave" is a witty and otherwise intriguing puzzle adventure marred by tricky touch... Read More »

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‘Hot Tin Roof’ Hits 20K Kickstarter Target, Stretch Goals Definitely Still in Sight!

"Hot Tin Roof" just hit its funding target of $20,000 with a whole four days remaining on the clock. Read More »

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