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The Kickstarter for Gorgeous Graphic Adventure Game ‘Shrug Island’ Wraps up Very Soon!

"Shrug Island" needs a flood of last minute backers in order to reach its funding goal. Read More »

Tengami Review

Both a pop-up book and adventure game, "Tengami" welcomes you into its Zen-like world of paper with gorgeous artwork... Read More »

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Wasatch Games’ Kickstarter Campaign for ‘Saga Heroes’ Is off to an Absolutely Fantastic Start

Help ensure Wasatch Games' deep Action RPG "Saga Heroes" winds up on iOS by backing their Kickstarter. Read More »

‘Waking Mars’ Marks Its 2nd Birthday with 99¢ Sale

Tiger Style Games have reduced the price of "Waking Mars" from $4.99 to $0.99 for a limited time only!... Read More »

‘Shadow Blade’, ‘Infinity Blade III’, ‘EPOCH.2’, & More Reduced In ‘Amazing Hardcore Games’ Sale!

If you consider yourself a hardcore gamer, you won't want to miss this weekend's amazing sale on the App... Read More »

Kickstarter for Co-Op Puzzle-Adventure Game ’39 Days to Mars’ Is a Smashing Success so Far

The Kickstarter campaign for Philip Buchanan's "39 Days to Mars" has taken off in a big way... Read More »

‘Metroid’ Inspired Adventure ‘Starlight’ Nears Its Funding Goal, but Needs Last-Minute Push

The Kickstarter for Creative Genius Games' "Starlight" has only a scant three days remaining... Read More »

‘New Orbit’ Funding Now on Kickstarter

Markus Hofer has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help continue the "New Orbit" saga. Read More »

First Look: ‘The Franz Kafka Videogame’

Feast your eyes on the first trailer for mif2000's "Hamlet" follow-up, "The Franz Kafka Videogame". Read More »

‘The Scratching Post’ Successfully Funded

Amazing looking interactive story/animation hybrid "The Scratching Post" recently hit its Kickstarter funding target. Read More »

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