Fox Tales: Escape from Dr. Goober Review

We had the opportunity to give a near-final pre-release copy of Won-O-Soft's Fox Tales a whirl a couple of weeks back, and really enjoyed the title's tilt based take on the old-school 2D platform game formula. For those of you that might have missed our hands-on preview, Fox Tales puts you in the pelt of wily hero Jack Fox...

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Review

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light sees the iconic adventuress making the leap from Xbox Live and PSN to debut on iOS. Fans will no doubt be delighted to find Ms. Croft arrives looking as lovely as ever and boasting the same assets that made the recent pseudo-reboot of the Tomb Raider series such a resounding critical success.

Cause of Death Review

There's no real mystery as to why iGamers everywhere aren't shouting about this expertly crafted interactive novel from the rooftops. The long and short of it is Cause of Death simply had the poor luck of being released on one of the App Store's busiest ever weeks alongside a staggering array of established franchises and much-hyped games. It's a shame though, because this is easily one of most interesting and original titles I've played/read all month.

Shadow Guardian Review

Gameloft are best known for putting their own spin on big name console games and bringing them to iOS. The results are usually either hit or miss. Lately, though they've been on a roll, with one spectacular title after another. While Shadow Guardian caught everyone unawares given the fact it was released so soon after it was announced, the core concept of the game came as no surprise - it's basically Naughty Dog's Uncharted for iPhone...

Lego Harry Potter Review

Lego Harry Potter has raised the bar for iOS gaming. It's damn near perfect and truly is the closest to console gaming anything currently available on the App Store has yet come. Unfortunately, however, there is one big flaw...

Galaxy on Fire 2 In-Depth Review

You know how everyone's been clamoring for a sci-fi RPG lately? Fish Labs has an answer for that. While there's nary a hit point to be found in Galaxy on Fire 2, its superbly delivered story and characterization, incredible depth, and overall genre-defying appeal should fit the bill for anyone interested in seeing what happens when roleplaying and adventure are mixed with a little 3D space action.

Incredible indie Games Giveaway!

In the first of an ongoing series of contests, we're giving you, our lovely readers, the chance to win a selection of the very best games from the App Store's vibrant indieverse. From fire-breathing dragons to boxing donkeys, there really is something for everyone in this eclectic mix of prizes...

Saving Private Sheep on sale! Last King of Africa 2 coming soon!!

BulkyPix have just dropped the price of their fun physics-based puzzle game Saving Private Sheep to a very attractive $0.99! In other news, a sequel to critically acclaimed adventure game The Last King of Africa has been announced, with a release date pegged for this coming November. Enjoy the trailer!

Seed 2: Vortex of War Review

Seed 2's interface could stand some improvement and it's chock full of the ubiquitous fetch quests that are quickly wearing out their welcome in iPhone RPGs, but if you can get past its flaws you'll find a very deep and fulfilling action RPG thanks to an engaging character development system and excellent overall polish.

Antistar 3D: Rising Giveaway!

iFanzine thoroughly enjoyed Antistar 3D: Rising when we reviewed the game a few weeks back, dubbing it an "enthralling adventure" and a "cult classic in the making." And it's just about to get bigger and better! Ahead of the eagerly awaited second installment of this serial adventure, Anime 3D SFX have made some significant improvements to the game. To celebrate we've got 5 copies to give away!

Mushroom Age Review

When her fiancée goes AWOL two days before their nuptials,Vera, Mushroom Age's plucky protagonist, wastes no time moping and instead arms herself with a magical cell phone capable of time travel. Which, as it transpires, isn't as mental as it sounds, because groom-to-be Tom has inadvertently managed to become hopelessly lost somewhere between the dawn of time and the year 3008 (must have been one hell of a stag-night, eh?).

Antistar 3D: Rising Review

A 3D platformer/adventure game set in a beautifully realized dream world populated by all manner of magical creatures and driven forth by a blackly comic take on fairy tale fable, Antistar is utterly unlike anything else I've ever played. On an iDevice or elsewhere...