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LucasArts-esque Adventure Game ‘Kelvin and the Infamous Machine’ Needs to Be Kickstarted

Blyts's Kickstarter for "Kelvin and the Infamous Machine" is going famously so far... Read More »

Family-Friendly Environmental Puzzle Game ‘Spirit of Adventure’ Finds Success on Kickstarter

"Spirit of Adventure" has wrapped up its Kickstarter and will be available for Android and iOS soon... Read More »

The ‘Bolt Riley: A Reggae Adventure’ Kickstarter Needs a Last-Minute Burst of Support from Fans

The curtain will fall on the "Bolt Riley" Kickstarter in a few hours time... Read More »

It’s No Mystery Why the ‘Jenny LeClue’ Kickstarter Is Doing so Well — This Game Looks Amazing!

Mografi's crowdfunding campaign for graphic adventure game "Jenny LeClue" is off to a fantastic start... Read More »

Check Out This Stylish New Trailer for ‘Oceanhorn: Game of the Year Edition’

The free ‘Game of the Year Edition’ update for "Oceanhorn" is coming soon. Watch the trailer now... Read More »

Limited-Time Offer on 12 Indie Puzzlers – ‘Threes!’, ‘Tengami’, ‘Monument Valley’, & More Reduced

Don't miss this mindbogglingly brilliant puzzle games sale! Read More »

Lose Yourself in This Collection of Astoundingly Beautiful ‘Monument Valley’ Fan Art

uswo's gorgeous puzzle game "Monument Valley" has inspired some absolutely stunning fan art... Read More »

‘The Way’ Kickstarter Still Going Strong, Rapidly Approaching Mobile Stretch Goal

It's looking increasingly likely that the Kickstarter "The Way" will hit its mobile stretch goal... Read More »

Journey through the Post-Apocalyptic Ruins of Japan in ‘Exogenesis: Perils of Rebirth’

Post-apocalyptic adventure/visual novel hybrid "Exogenesis: Perils of Rebirth" celebrates Kickstarter success! Read More »

Hugely Ambitious Victorian/Steampunk Inspired RPG ‘Gataela’ Funding Now on Kickstarter

Paige Marincak is hoping to raise $5,000 (CAD) on Kickstarter to aid the development of her RPG, "Gataela". Read More »

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