Predators Review

The general rule of thumb is that any game based around a movie is likely to rushed, sloppy affair designed solely to cash in on celluloid success and turn a quick buck. For this reason, I approached Chillingo's iPhone adaptation of Predators with extreme caution. Happily, it shatters convention, and offers up a heady mix of brutally violent action, gorgeous visuals, and pitch-perfect controls.

Incredible indie Games Giveaway!

In the first of an ongoing series of contests, we're giving you, our lovely readers, the chance to win a selection of the very best games from the App Store's vibrant indieverse. From fire-breathing dragons to boxing donkeys, there really is something for everyone in this eclectic mix of prizes...

First Look: Hungry Helga (& New Trailer!)

Brilliantly described as being "better than Justin Bieber cuddling kittens", is the hilarious new trailer for indie developer Grid Monsters upcoming iPhone and iPad title Hungry Helga. Billed as a fast-paced action game, Hungry Helga tasks players with keeping a demanding Viking woman happy...

Burrow Review

Burrow is the creation of a husband and wife team with no previous programming or application development knowledge. Not that you'd know it, because the game boasts a charming hand-drawn art style and oodles of seriously polished and addictive gameplay.

BulkyPix announce 11 New Titles Boasting Game Center Support!

This year has already seen the releases of quirky platformer Roll Out, the critically lauded Pix 'n' Love Rush, and, in some parts of the world, smash-hit MMORPG Yslandia bearing the BulkyPix label. And this trend of teaming up with talented indie developers to create groundbreaking iPhone games looks set to continue with a newly announced batch of upcoming titles.

Death Cop Mechanical Unit Review

If video games are to believed, our future is gonna be pretty grim. And Blue Shadow Games' App Store debut, Death Cop, which boasts cyber-genetic creatures knocking seven bells out of each other in the dust of decimated cities and against the charming backdrop of post-apocalyptic wastelands, does nothing to dispel the myth.

Zombie Flick Review

From the off, Full Fat's latest title addresses a niggling little improbability that has long irked me about most every game set amid a zombie apocalypse - namely, the heroic survivor's easy access to a stockpile of knives, guns, and grenades. Far more realistically, when a horde of flesh-eaters accost Zombie Flick's main protagonist - think a Saturday Night Fever era John Travolta - he must fend them off with anything he can lay his mitts on.

Eggs In Space Looks Ace!

Boasting an intriguing art style, toe-tapping tunes and a wacky premise, The Lonely Bee Games' soon to be released iPhone game Eggs In Space is shaping up nicely. From the press release: HELP!!! The Eggs are invading and the peaceful people of Spoonville have sent you up into the cosmos to defend them in this unique tap'n'crack action game.

Mirror’s Edge Review

Labelling any game a "white-knuckle thrill ride" might seem more than a little glib, but when it comes to EA Mobile's pulse quickening platformer Mirror's Edge, trust me, it's an enthusiastic commendation never more apt.

Creatures The First Blood Review

Playus Soft's Creatures - The First Blood does exactly what it says on the tin. No more, and no less. A space set dual-stick shooter packed with thrills but minus the frills, this is 100% focused on delivering an intense hit of last-as-long-as-you-can action and Openfeint fuelled high-score hunting.

Super Fly Review

In Beserker Games' latest, chowing down on three turds in a row transforms your protagonist into an indestructible, muscle-bound killing machine. If that sounds like the best thing ever, you might as well stop reading now, because your new favorite game has just landed in the App Store.

Super Fly Trailer

Beserker Games (Super Juicy) have just revealed an action-packed new trailer for their upcoming game, Super Fly. It's a "survival shooter/brawler with an upgrad...