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‘Tail Tap’ Successfully Gathers Funding on Kickstarter, Launches next Month for iOS

Find out why Kickstarter backers went nuts for Long Drop Games' "Tail Tap"... Read More »

‘Subverses Covert’ Is an Upcoming Spy Game That Will Help You Learn Foreign Languages

Help Kickstart "Subverses Covert", a game that sounds both thrilling and educational... Read More »

Daily Deals: ‘Mole Hammers’, ‘Star Command’, ‘Drawn to Life’, & More Now Free or Discounted

Get "Mole Hammers" and more at massively discounted prices... Read More »

Top Tank Review

Easy to play yet challenging to master, "Top Tank" is sure to keep you coming back for more... Read More »

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Alan Thomas Wants His 80’s Action-Film Riffing Game ‘Sweet Revenge’ to Be a Smash Hit

"Sweet Revenge" stops by Kickstarter to raise funds for marketing before hitting the App Store... Read More »

Cinemaware Set to Revamp Another of Their Classic Games with ‘Rocket Ranger Reloaded’

Cinemaware have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help get "Rocket Ranger Reloaded" off the ground... Read More »

Mo-Town Review

Help support a great cause by downloading "Mo-Town", a fun old school style arcade game... Read More »

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Walking War Robots Review

"Walking War Robots" has the potential to be a truly great iOS based multiplayer Mech romp... Read More »

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Rekcahdam’s Roguelike ‘Band Saga’ Achieves Kickstarter Success to the Tune of over $31k

Roger Hicks and Hillmon Ancrum's musical action roguelike "Band Saga" has been fully funded... Read More »

Glidefire Review

Its trippy visuals are quite beautiful, but "Glidefire" is a tough recommendation due to many other issues... Read More »

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