Action RPG

Saturday Morning RPG Review

Rush out and give "Saturday Morning RPG's" free tutorial episode a download. Even if you aren't an RPG fan you may be drawn in by its active battle system and streamlined approach.

Soul Tamer Kiki Review

"Soul Tamer Kiki" may not be the most innovative of mobile RPGs to come out of Korea, but I will give it this: it's certainly the most beautiful I've played so far.

Bullet Time Review

It seems Kiloo really is trying out the "pay what you want" approach with this one: you feel so bad about getting a quality product for free that you want to toss the developer a buck or two for their effort.

Squids Halloween Giveaway! Tweet Fast!

Something wicked this way comes! that a squid wearing a jack o' lantern on its head!? You'll find that and more in The Game Bakers' first content update to "Squids!" And if you or a friend haven't picked up this slick tactical Action RPG yet, look inside for your chance to get it free, courtesy of The Game Bakers!

Powder Monkeys Review

Fans of RPGs, Action RPGs, and Real Time Strategy games are guaranteed tons of fun with "Powder Monkeys" -- as long as they appreciate the supreme challenge of managing naval warfare on a very tight in-game budget, that is.