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Action RPG

‘Assassin’s Creed Identity’ Is Coming February 25th, Isn’t Free-To-Play Anymore

"Assassin’s Creed Identity" finally launches for iOS on February 25th, priced at $4.99. Read More »

Help Kickstart ‘JI EUM,’ a Rhythm-Based Action-RPG for the Visually Impaired

Danuon Corp.’s Kickstarter campaign for "JI EUM" looks set for success... Read More »

Fairune Review

"Fairune" is a loving-tribute to early era Action RPGs... Read More »

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Drancia Review

If you liked the endless side-scrolling Action-RPG "Slayin'," you'll love "Drancia"... Read More »

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‘Infinity Blade III’ Goes Free for the First Time Ever

ChAIR Entertainment's award-winning action RPG "Infinity Blade III" is free for a very limited time only... Read More »

The First Official ‘Crashlands’ Trailer Has Landed

Check out a snazzy new trailer for Butterscotch Shenanigans’ action-crafting RPG "Crashlands"... Read More »

SwapQuest Review

"Swap Quest" is a unique and engaging mixture of action-RPG mechanics and "Pipe Mania" style gameplay... Read More »

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The Action-Packed RPG ‘Taichi Panda’ Is Now Officially Available on iOS and Android

Snail Games' hugely popular action RPG "Taichi Panda" is now available on both iOS and Android... Read More »

Taichi Panda Review

"Taichi Panda" is simultaneously complicated, streamlined, messy, and gorgeous. I'm not sure how that's possible, but it works, and... Read More »

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Bastion Review

Supergiant Games' "Bastion" is an exceedingly well crafted top-down action RPG... Read More »

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