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action puzzle

Mozaco Games’ Hugely Inventive Puzzler ‘RGBy’ Finds Success on Kickstarter

"RGBy" has cleared its initial funding goal, but there’s still a little time left to back the project. Read More »

‘Sneak Mouse’ Achieves Kickstarter Success

McCartney Leopardi's "Sneak Mouse" has successfully squeaked by its Kickstarter funding target. Read More »

‘Tasty Tadpoles Toxic Pond’ Update Adds a Ton of New Levels, Achievements & More

Mark White’s quirky action-puzzler "Tasty Tadpoles" just got a whole lot bigger and better! Read More »

A Sneak Peek at ‘PUK Shadow and Light’

"PUK Shadow and Light" looks like it's shaping up to be an epic update to Laser Dog’s already near-perfect... Read More »

Astro Shark HD Review

"Astro Shark" takes you on a seemingly tranquil adventure through space that quickly becomes frantic and fraught with danger. Read More »

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Goats and Gadgets Review

Big Sprite Games' debut release "Goats and Gadgets" is a fun physics puzzler that most definitely deserves your consideration... Read More »

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Momonga Pinball Adventures Review

"Momonga Pinball Adventures" puts an entirely new and utterly adorable spin on how we're all used to playing pinball... Read More »

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2012 Revue: 15 iOS Games Worth a Second Look

A collection of games from 2012 we believe to be worth considering a second time... assuming you haven’t already... Read More »

iFriday Roundup, No 54

Happy Friday, folks! Enjoy your weekly dose of freebies, sales and iOS news bytes... Read More »

Giveaway: Win He-Man, N.Y.Z.2, Dungeon Story, Trap Mansion & Sherlock Holmes 1!

It's Monday again and that means one thing and one thing only here at iFanzine: Giveaway time! Read More »

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