Interview With Zaxis Games

Taking his turn in the hotseat is Kristian Jespersen, game designer and programmer for Zaxis Games' "Harry the Fairy." This upcoming puzzle adventure might have a flightly name, but its gorgeous presentation will bring a tear to your eye.

RobotRiot Review

As a platforming experience that serves up retro challenge without necessarily making the player tear his or her hair out, "RobotRiot" is a sure bet for genre fans. This is like stepping into a time machine and winding up in 1991!

Fakepup Games Interview

The entire development team working on "Super Bit Dash" was kind enough to take some time out of their schedules to chat with us about their craft. Witness the evolution of Australopithecus OneLifeus into Homo Sapiens SuperBitDashus in this candid two-pager!

Super Bit Dash Hands-On Preview

"Super Bit Dash" isn't just shaping up to be a great running game -- it's shaping up to be a fun and carefully designed platformer, which bodes extremely well for it in a genre that's been beaten to death so much over the App Store's life time. Whether you're a running genre enthusiast, a platformer fan, or a retro lover, Fakepup has created something you'll really want to sink your teeth into!

Naught Review

Don't let the name of Blue Shadow's latest game fool you; Naught has a whole lot going for it...

Scream ‘N’ Run Review

Scream 'N' Run sidesteps convention by requiring you to use your vocal chords instead of fingers or thumbs to help your character dodge enemies...