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Space Ninjas Review

"Space Ninjas" sounds more exciting at first glance than it actually is. Imagine a one-fingered, novice ninja... Read More »

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TriBlaster Review

For those of you whom ever loved "Tempest" — or just classical videogames in general — you certainly can’t... Read More »

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‘Cloud Spin’ Celebrates Its New Universal Update with an Unmissable Price Drop

Skytrain Studios’ beautiful flight sim "Cloud Spin" just got a universal update, and it's on sale to celebrate. Read More »

Gun Commando Review

Awkward controls aside, Ripstone Ltd’s "Gun Commando" is a fine tribute to the FPS classics of yesteryear. Read More »

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‘Waking Mars’ Marks Its 2nd Birthday with 99¢ Sale

Tiger Style Games have reduced the price of "Waking Mars" from $4.99 to $0.99 for a limited time only!... Read More »

‘Shadow Blade’, ‘Infinity Blade III’, ‘EPOCH.2′, & More Reduced In ‘Amazing Hardcore Games’ Sale!

If you consider yourself a hardcore gamer, you won't want to miss this weekend's amazing sale on the App... Read More »

Super Tap! Review

It won’t blow your hair back, but for a buck, "Super Tap!" does enough things right to get a... Read More »

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Slick Entertainment’s ‘Shellrazer Bugzkrieg’ Blasts onto the App Store this Thursday

Slick Entertainment's "Shellrazer" is getting some serious update love this week! Read More »

Riot Runners Review

Brutally aggressive IAPs are the spanner in the works of "Riot Runners", an otherwise elegent and addictive endless runner. Read More »

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Platforms Unlimited Review

Its extreme level of difficulty and ultra-minimalist presentation means "Platforms Unlimited" may disappoint some endless runner fans. Read More »

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