SEGA and Hardlight studios are back once more with yet another community challenge for Sonic Dash (our review) players everywhere, this time tasking them with collect tons of Christmas presents during the next two weeks. If everyone can meet their personal quotas, and the entire community manages to smash their collective goals as well, then players everywhere will get free access to Silver the Hedgehog! For those not familiar, Silver hails from the same alternate universe as Blaze the Cat – the character added in the previous community challenge – and was most recently seen in Sonic Generations.

Furthermore, speaking of recent changes to Sonic Dash, the Sonic: Lost World promotional period – which had been running for a while – has finally reached its conclusion. However, despite the majority of the Sonic: Lost World promotional trappings now being gone, it seems that Zazz – one of the infamous Deadly Six – has refused to return home. The purple villain – according to SEGA and Hardlight Studios – was simply having far too much fun harassing Sonic Dash players everywhere, and now refuses to leave no matter how earnestly they implore him.

In other news, SEGA has finally expanded Sonic Dash to support Android based devices – so that people everywhere might enjoy this gold standard amongst endless runners – just in time for the Christmas festivities.

  • CrazySonic360

    No, Silver is NOT from Blaze’s dimension. He’s from at least 200 years into the future…in Sonic’s world.

    • h&a

      You right

  • Sam Corbett

    Dude in sonic 06 it shows blaze and silver in their world and travel to the past to defeat a monster causing their horrible future silver and blaze r from the same world they are like best friends play sonic 06 but it is the worst sonic game ever made

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  • cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!