Hands-On Preview: Mad Chef

Imagine if Bobcat Goldthwait grew a beard, set up a concession stand on a New York City curbside, and began "cooking" by chucking meat cleavers at a stream of food and condiments tossed high up in the air. With Game Center achievements.

First Look: Dangerous

Pshaw, you don't need to destroy a whole planet to be called "Dangerous." Just hopping inside a starship armed with lasers, double rocket launchers, and two auto-tracking turrets - and having the freedom to attack any vessel you darn well please - should suffice to earn you that kind of label.

Hands-On Preview: Siegebreaker

What would happen if you took "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court," replaced the Connecticut Yankee with a neon-haired punk rocker, stirred in the undead, and made a Real Time Strategy game out of the whole thing?

Hands-On Preview: Ravenmark

Remember, remember, the eleventh of November. If you're a fan of Turn-Based Strategy games, RPGs, or just enjoy an expertly conveyed fantasy, you'd do well to heed that advice -- that's when Witching Hour Studios is slated to bring "Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion" to iOS! The developer graciously gave us a chance to dig into this sumptuous audiovisual feast, and two words adequately sum up our experience thus far: "we like!"

Hands-On Preview: Chromian Wars

iOS devs are keeping us busy here at iFanzine! No sooner did we hop out of the mech from "iDamaged" than we stepped into the lead tank of Miralupa's "Chromian Wars" -- and dove into the world of Augmented Reality gaming.