Razor Thumb

First Look — Razor: Salvation

Blowfish Studios' return to iOS has you riding shotgun in the last taxi out of a near-future Earth overrun by aliens. Good thing you're packing some serious heat!

Omegapixel Preview

An indie classic in the making? After some hands-on time with a preview build, we think so!
MGCurse Thumb

MacGuffin’s Curse Preview

Brawsome's and Ayopa Games' upcoming title, "MacGuffin's Curse," should have casual adventure and logic puzzle fans positively howling in anticipation until its release next week.
Towers Thumb

Towers Preview

Check out this refreshing spin on the infamous "bullet hell shooter" genre!
creaVures Thumb2

CreaVures Preview

A game set in a bioluminescent world that looks like "Avatar's" Pandora, filled with critters that have to team up and combine their unique powers to make it through? Okay, sign us up!
On The Wind Thumb

On the Wind Preview

Here's a look at the upcoming "On the Wind," which is just as much an experimental art showcase as it is an auto-scroller.

Hands-On With Brainsss

Tired of shooting zombies? Commanding them is way more fun -- find out how the Lonely Few's upcoming "Brainsss" is shaping up inside!