The iFriday Roundup, No. 40

Loads of freebies, one of the most kickass reddit threads ever, bombastic teaser trailers, and more in this week's news roundup!

Frenzy Pop Review

"Frenzy Pop" isn't one for casual players, but it will give you a satisfying run for your money if you're a diehard platforming champ.

Bullistic Unleashed Review

"Bullistic" should really hit the spot if you're a physics puzzle veteran looking for a title that ups the ante on the usual genre formula.
Razor Thumb

First Look — Razor: Salvation

Blowfish Studios' return to iOS has you riding shotgun in the last taxi out of a near-future Earth overrun by aliens. Good thing you're packing some serious heat!
Towers Icon

Towers Review

This is the kind of game design ingenuity that makes you stand back and remember what indie development is supposed to be all about!