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Sheep Up Thumb

Sheep Up! Review

A tough-as-nails overhead platformer that should satisfy any genre fan who can get past the idea of a bouncing hero covered in fleece.
Teeny Green icon

Teeny Green Review

A diehard logic puzzle fan's dream, "Teeny Green" adds something to the genre with its palpable and unyielding suspense.


And this is why we don't use fixed cameras in free roaming, 360⁰ action games. It's a pity, too, because there are some great gameplay ideas here!

Zombie Fleet Review

"Zombie Fleet" should hit the spot if you're a diehard genre fan who loves physics puzzles for their own sake and can do without a clear reason to go back and replay imperfectly completed levels.

Roblade Preview

Many games have vied for "weirdest iOS title" but this upcoming mech combat sim from Kylinworks might just take the cake.