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Soccer Rondo Review

My Party Quiz Review

Scavenger Duels Review

Pocket Mortys Review

ZombieMe Review

The Best iOS Games of 2015

Great Big War Game Review

"Great Big War Game" is a hex-based strategy game that goes the full nine yards in every facet imaginable. Truly in a class all on its own! Read More »

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Announcement to Devs: Possible Scam Alert

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but really... Read More »

As Promised, Pastry Panic’s Latest Content Update is Totally Sweet!

Remember when Underground Pixel told us "Pastry Panic’s" next update would be “almost a whole new game in itself”? Well, they weren’t kidding! Read More »

Rodeo Games’ Smash-hit ‘Hunters 2’ Gets a Price Drop, Now Only 99¢!

Bargain hunters, rejoice! Rodeo Games have slashed the price of their awesome turn-based strategy title "Hunters 2" Read More »

Chicken Raid Review

Can "Chicken Raid" dethrone "Angry Birds" as the king of physics puzzlers? Not even close. Read More »

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Tiny Owls Review

Kids and casual gamers alike will have an absolute hoot with "Tiny Owls"! Read More »

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Highly Acclaimed Auto-scroller ‘On the Wind’ Gets a Huge Update, Goes on Sale

A freshly updated version of Don’t Step On The Cracks’ stunning iOS debut "On the Wind" just breezed onto the App Store... Read More »

Pocket Heroes Review

"Pocket Heroes" can be a delightfully fun little romp if you can find the right people to play it with... Read More »

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Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106 Review

Is "Countdown Sector 106" a worthwhile read for fans of the gamebook genre? Drokk yeah! Read More »

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Grab CGMatic’s Excellent Endless Runner ‘ChickenBreak’ for Free!

If you fancy grabbing yourself a fun freebie from the App Store this weekend, look no further than "ChickenBreak". Read More »

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