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Goblin Sword Review

iOS Kickstarter Roundup, Part 3: April Crowdfunding Showers

Here's Part 3 of our massive iOS Kickstarter roundup. Phew! Read More »

Giveaway: Win an iPod Touch Thanks to appsasia & MonTowers!!!

We've teamed up with the generous folks at appsasia and Buff Stone to give you the chance to win a brand spanking new Apple iPod Touch! Read More »

iOS Kickstarter Roundup, Part 2: Coming Soon to an iDevice Near You

Our iOS Kickstarter roundup continues with a look at four recently funded titles. Well, "recent" is a relative term here: we need a Part 3 to cover April alone! Read More »

Exclusive: Pastry Panic Hands-on Preview

Underground Pixel’s latest is shaping up to be another tasty treat for retro-loving iOS gamers! Read More »

iOS Kickstarter Roundup, Part 1: Active Campaigns

We've covered a few Kickstarter campaigns already, but we're still amazed at just how many iOS projects are vying for crowdfunding dollars. Here are some noteworthy projects that are currently active. Read More »

First Look: Blackreef Pirates

What goes best with iOS besides zombies and bugs? That's right: pirates! Read More »

The iFriday Roundup, No. 41

Loads of great sales and some slick "Kitaru" updates in this week's news roundup! Read More »

Supermagical Preview

"Bust-A-Move" meets Castle Defense? Now, that is pretty awesome! Read More »

Brainsss Review

If you can stand one more zombie game, here's a beautifully implemented squad-based title that offers plenty of depth while shoring itself up against the weaknesses you might expect to find in the genre. Read More »

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Dreamy Goat Review

An often baffling, always beautiful dose of genre-bending, psychedelia infused weirdness... Read More »

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