Function Repair PV Thumb Preview

"," Demergo Studios' unique platformer, is just around the corner! Have a preview while you wait for it to hit the App Store.
dc2 icon

Defender Chronicles II Review

"Defender Chronicles II’s" many innovative features all look great at first glance, that is until you realize they’re just being used to enforce maximum excessive grinding...
Tiny Troopers Thumb

Tiny Troopers Review

"Tiny Troopers" could have gained more depth with a true class system, but it's still a standout action game for its rock solid interface, meaty persistent campaign and a quirky treatment of modern warfare.

The iFriday Roundup, No. 46

Whether it's D-Day or the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, iOS developers have found plenty of reason to make awesome games free or discounted this weekend!
Bee Leader Icon

Bee Leader Review

Believe the buzz: "Bee Leader" is a beautifully crafted and charming game that comes highly recommended!
Roblade Thumb

Roblade Review

"Roblade: Design & Fight" is far from perfect, but you have to give it this much: it's one of the most unique games we've seen on iOS to date.
beem icon

beem Review

Logic puzzle fans looking for something out of the ordinary are in for a real treat with "beem!"

Monstaaa! Review

A masterful physics puzzler, "Monstaaa!" should be right up your alley if you're looking for a game that's light-hearted and easy to dive into but continually ups the ante on challenge.