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Soccer Rondo Review

My Party Quiz Review

Scavenger Duels Review

Pocket Mortys Review

ZombieMe Review

The Best iOS Games of 2015

Activision’s ‘Pitfall!’ Updated With a Plethora of Fan Requested New Features

"Pitfall!", one of iFanzine's all-time favorite endless-runner games, just received a rather nifty new update! Read More »

Jumpster Review

"Jumpster" pits you against an enemy eviler than Ganon, Bowser and Mother Brain combined: poorly implemented in-app purchases! Read More »

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Kirin Wars Review

"Kirin Wars" is a fine substitute for people wanting something like the "Advance Wars" series on the go... Read More »

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Giveaway: Win Crazy Taxi, Devil’s Attorney, Irrupt & Loadsa Retrobot Promo Codes!

Fasten your seat belts and get ready for another crrrrrazy good giveaway, folks! Read More »

First Look: ‘Freeze!’, An Upcoming Puzzler Well Worth Keeping an Eye On!

"Eye-catching" is definitely the best way to describe Frozen Gun Games' beautifully presented puzzler, "Freeze!" Read More »

God of Blades Review

"God of Blades" is a love letter to people who fondly remember pulp fantasy novels of the past, especially if they also enjoy sword swinging style endless runner games. Read More »

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Giveaway: Win Bad Piggies, God of Blades, Supermagical & Steevee’s Gravity!

Nothing says “Happy Monday!” quite like a massive giveaway, right? Read More »

Update Omnibus: ‘Nuclien’ and ‘LAD’ Both Benefit From Brilliant Updates

Here are a couple of games that had issues at launch, but have since received some serious update love... Read More »

The iFriday Roundup, No 51

It's Friday, which means it's time for another iFriday Roundup. As always, this week's edition is jam-packed full of iOS game news, freebies and unmissable sales! Read More »

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