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Meqanic Review

Mucho Party Review

Win Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past Codes!

Mondos Review

Netwars – The Butterfly Attack: Episode 1 Review

Simple Ball Review

Interview With Shane Brouwer of Initials Command

Shane Brouwer, the captain at the helm of Initials Command Center, steps into the hotseat to chat about "Super Lemonade Factory!" Read More »

Final Run Review

Buckle yourself in for one of the most thrilling indie games of the year so far! Read More »

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Ninja Dino Showdown!? Review

The first episode of "Ninja Dino Showdown" proves a clear winner thanks to its active take on Tower Defense, a very cool class change system and a surprisingly meaty campaign. Read More »

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Ironworm Review

If you're looking for something that's well out of the ordinary on the cheap and have lots of patience, this is one worm you'd do well to dig up. Read More »

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Giveaway: Win Waking Mars, Kale in Dinoland, Final Run, The Drop Out, & Bridge the Gap HD!

The gigantic giveaways have been coming thick and fast on iFanzine lately, and we’ve got no plans of slowing down yet! Read More »

Sarcastic Hedgehog Reveal Trailers for Two New Games, InnerSpin and Time Sliders

We've got the lowdown on not one, but two brand new games from the folks behind "Hello Copter." Read More »

The iFriday Roundup, No. 32

Some awesome games are going free this weekend! Better check this news roundup fast and see which ones! Read More »

Nosferatu: Run From the Sun Review

A solid title if you're in the mood for another infinite runner and love adorable protagonists. Read More »

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Interview With Lee Dotson of ZarkSoft Games

So, are ZarkSoft prepared for the pending release of their space MMO "Empire of the Eclipse?" Yeah, we'd say so -- considering they have experience with titles ranging from "Unreal Championship 2" to "Star Trek Online" already! Read More »

Outfoxed™ Review

"Outfoxed™" looks fantastic and is amusing in small doses, but its charm is very short-lived. Read More »

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