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Guardian Sword Review

Squishy Finger Frenzy Review

Heroki Review

Discorun Review

Blendolous Review

Scatty Rat Review

Combo Slash Review

Great combo system and controls, poor approach to player progression. Beat 'em up and Action RPG fans alike would find lots to enjoy here if only you didn't have to play each of its levels over and over again. Read More »

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Akane the Kunoichi Review

"Akane the Kunoichi" makes the jump from XBLA to iOS, but sadly its controls haven't survived the process of being converted for a touchscreen... Read More »

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Toybox Preview

A space shooter/Match 3 mashup? How could such a thing possibly exist? Find out inside! Read More »

Jellyflug Review

"Jellyflug" is totally worth a look for longtime platforming fans who can appreciate just how good the level design gets. However, you'll have to be forgiving of an achingly slow and sometimes finicky combat system. Read More »

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SUMMERiOSAPPALOOZA: Summer’s Biggest Giveaway, Win 100’s of Awesome Indie Games!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… SUMMERiOSAPPALOOZA 2012 is here! Read More »

Zombie Carnaval Review

Downloading the fun-filled "Zombie Carnaval" is an absolute no-brainer for fans of endless runners! Read More »

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The iFriday Roundup, No. 49

Here's a bombardment of iOS game news and freebies to celebrate the weekend! Read More »

Sponsored Feature: The Genre-Bending Mystique of “Mystery Manor”

The one thing that's not mysterious here is how awesome genre mashups are. Read More »

A Couple of Crazy Good Freebies: ChinaTaxi and Bullistic Unleashed!

Both "Bullistic Unleashed" and 'ChinaTaxi" have gone free! Grab these unmissable freebies quick... Read More »

Astronaut: Spacewalk Preview

It's "an experience" -- one of the most suspenseful you'll ever have if you take a chance on it when it releases. Read More »

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