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Bastion Review

Spells Arena: The Signs of the Gods Re-Review

Tiny Pond Review

Light Run Review

Lipa Knight Valentine’s Review

Hunger Crunch Review

Shoot the Zombirds Review

"Shoot the Zombirds" stands out from the milieu of casual iOS games only for its well polished presentation and a few interesting quirks. Read More »

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Dragon Evolution Review

A deep and refreshing take on the infinite auto-scroller, "Dragon Evolution" might just bring back some players who have long since tired of the genre. Read More »

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SQUIDS Wild West Set to Gallop Onto the App Store this Summer!

Yee-haw! The Game Bakers are cooking up a mighty fine sounding sequel to smash hit RPG/TBS mashup, "SQUIDS". Read More »

Montezuma’s Revenge Review

Fans of the original 1983 classic will find a lot to love about this extremely well handled port of "Montezuma's Revenge"! Read More »

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Fat Birds Build a Bridge Preview

We'll give you one guess as to what this game is about. Read More »

Little Generals Preview

Smarter Apps are rolling out the tanks for some explosive physics puzzles! Read More »

Empire of the Eclipse Preview

Here's a glimpse at ZarkSoft's upcoming 4X sim, "Empire of the Eclipse!" Read More »

Giveaway: Win Adventure Bar Story, Sonic 4 & More!

On tap this week are "Adventure Bar Story" (times ten!), "Sonic 4" and "Non Flying Soldiers!" Read More »

ChickenBreak Review

"ChickenBreak" successfully blends the concept of an endless runner game with the gameplay style of "Fruit Ninja"! Read More »

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Gene Effect Review

"Gene Effect" succeeds as an unsettling adventure game that has you relying on sharp wits rather than high powered weaponry. Read More »

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