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Taichi Panda Review

LightFields Review

Mage Fight Review

Prize Claw 2 Review

Bastion Review

Giveaway: Win Razor: Salvation, Bee Leader & Zombie Carnaval!

Ready for your weekly chance to win a hand-picked selection of the best new iOS games? Read More »

The iFriday Roundup, No. 45

Your weekly dose of free games, sales and iOS gaming news! Read More »

Caribbean Zombie and Zombie Quest: Two New Zombie Games That Look Pretty Damn Good!

Is there no stopping the zombie craze on iOS?! Apparently not… Read More »

Brain Dead 13 Retroview

"Brain Dead 13" is a port of a somewhat obscure FMV game, originally released all the way back in 1995, that strived to invoke the spirit of Don Bluth’s legendary "Dragon’s Lair". Read More »

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Affliction: Zombie Rising Review

Do you remember that game you played as a kid, where you'd see how long you could keep spinning in circles without spilling your lunch? Now think about what would happen if you attached a leaderboard to that. Read More »

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Little Labyrinths’ First Free Update: “A Song of Slime and Fire” Arrives Today!

You've gotta love that "Game of Thrones" reference! And the first big update to "Little Labyrinths" sounds pretty epic too... Read More »

Interview With Eric Nguyen, Marketing Director of Anuman Interactive

A few weeks back we reviewed "The Bluecoats: North vs. South." In our quest to learn more about the game's background, we caught up with Anuman Interactive's Marketing Director for a chat. Read More »

Virus Wars Review

'Virus Wars" is an iOS rendition of one of those graph paper games that kids used to play in study hall together when they were bored out of their minds... Read More »

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Interview With Jorge Hernandez, Creator of “Astronaut: SpaceWalk”

Apple, we have liftoff! Here's a peek at Jorge Hernandez' realistic (if a tad anachronistic) space repair game, plus our interview with the dev. Read More »

Haypi Dragon Review

"Haypi Dragon" takes elements from "Worms" and "Angry Birds" and blends them together into a very appealing online experience! Read More »

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