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Sweet Revenge Review

Tetrobot and Co. Review

Duke Dashington Review

Drop Wizard Review

Max Gentlemen Review

Mikey Boots Review

Space Age Review

The iFriday Roundup, No. 47

Your weekly dose of freebies and game news. Check out the first trailer for "Spiral" inside! Read More »

Caribbean Zombie Review

"Caribbean Zombie" is a fun "Fruit Ninja"-esque slash ‘em up that pits your swiping skills against ghosts, witches and, of course, pirate zombies! Read More »

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Suspect in Sight Review

A great title to pick up if you're looking for a bargain-priced but solid tilt controlled game and enjoy challenging yourself as much as the leaderboards. Read More »

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First Look: The Dark Knight Rises iOS Game

Check out a brand new teaser trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises" from Gameloft! Read More »

Giveaway: Win Project 83113, Tiny Troopers, and Monstaaa!

Three great games up for grabs, and no buttons or D-pads between them! What is the world of iOS coming to? Read More »

Cats Away Preview

I don't know quite how to explain this, so I'll just say it plainly: the folks at ZigZaGame, Inc., are making a game about UFOs abducting cats. Read More »

function.repair Preview

"function.repair," Demergo Studios' unique platformer, is just around the corner! Have a preview while you wait for it to hit the App Store. Read More »

Defender Chronicles II Review

"Defender Chronicles II’s" many innovative features all look great at first glance, that is until you realize they’re just being used to enforce maximum excessive grinding... Read More »

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Tiny Troopers Review

"Tiny Troopers" could have gained more depth with a true class system, but it's still a standout action game for its rock solid interface, meaty persistent campaign and a quirky treatment of modern warfare. Read More »

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The iFriday Roundup, No. 46

Whether it's D-Day or the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, iOS developers have found plenty of reason to make awesome games free or discounted this weekend! Read More »

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