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Sword of Xolan Review

Bob and Bobek: Ice Hockey Review

Sweet Revenge Review

Tetrobot and Co. Review

Duke Dashington Review

Drop Wizard Review

The iFriday Roundup, No. 49

Here's a bombardment of iOS game news and freebies to celebrate the weekend! Read More »

Sponsored Feature: The Genre-Bending Mystique of “Mystery Manor”

The one thing that's not mysterious here is how awesome genre mashups are. Read More »

A Couple of Crazy Good Freebies: ChinaTaxi and Bullistic Unleashed!

Both "Bullistic Unleashed" and 'ChinaTaxi" have gone free! Grab these unmissable freebies quick... Read More »

Astronaut: Spacewalk Preview

It's "an experience" -- one of the most suspenseful you'll ever have if you take a chance on it when it releases. Read More »

Sponsored Feature: Game Insight Invites Players to Join “The Tribez”

Part "Dino Riders," part management sim, all gorgeous is how we'd have to summarize this recent release from publishing juggernaut Game Insight. Read More »

Squids: Wild West Review

If you loved the first "Squids" and want more content of that caliber, you should dive right into the App Store and download "Squids: Wild West" -- it's as simple as that. Read More »

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Zombie Quest Updated, No More Nasty Bugs!

Yay! Synaptic Wave have squashed the pesky bugs that had been causing "Zombie Quest" to crash and freeze when played on certain devices... Read More »

Giveaway: Win Ten $10 iTunes Gift Cards Thanks to Oozoo Inc.’s Brandnew Boy!!!

To celebrate Brandnew Boy's brand new update, we've teamed up with appsasia and Oozoo Inc. to give away a whole bunch of iTunes Gift Cards! Read More »

function.repair Review

Just as flawed as it is innovative, function.repair is caught in the transition between two worlds: its gameplay is a refreshing new take on platforming but its camera is stuck in the world of traditional platformers. Read More »

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Dead City Review

A free shooter in the vein of former arcade classics like "Robotron 2084" and "Smash TV"? There's gotta be a catch, right?! Read More »

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