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Thief Lupin 2 Review

Dodo Master Review

Transformers: Age of Extinction Review

Getaway – Zombie Plague Review

Bounce Vortex Review

Turret Alert Review

The iFriday Roundup, No. 38

Psst -- just don't tell anyone this week's news roundup came on a Saturday! Better late than never. Read More »

MacGuffin’s Curse Preview

Brawsome's and Ayopa Games' upcoming title, "MacGuffin's Curse," should have casual adventure and logic puzzle fans positively howling in anticipation until its release next week. Read More »

Concept Art Corner: The Battlefields of Army Antz

T.K.O. Gamez just carpet bombed our email inbox with concept art for "Army Antz," their upcoming Real-Time Strategy game. Read More »

Interview With D20Studios’ Ross Przybylski

Wow, that was quick – "Hero Mages" just landed in the App Store! Have an interview with developer Ross Przybylski while we suit up in some armor and work on our review! Read More »

Crow Review

"Shadow of the Colossus" for iOS? Yeah, it's actually kinda like that! Read More »

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Interview With “On The Wind” Creator David Buttress

Taking his turn in the hotseat is David Buttress, gaming industry veteran and creator of the ultra-smooth auto scroller "On The Wind!" Read More »

Hero Mages Preview

Okay, who's up for some multiplayer Turn-Based Strategy? Read More »

Interview With Michael Yatskar

Next up is Michael Yatskar, creator of "Towers." Find out more about this intriguingly fresh bullet hell action game! Read More »

Giveaway: Win Bug Princess 2, Gunman Clive, Beeing & Sky Gnomes!

Ready for your weekly chance to win a hand-picked selection of the biggest and bestest new iOS games? Read More »

Interview With Magnetic Studio’s Peter Lacalamita

We start off our back-to-back interviews today with Peter Lacalamita, an indie game designer of many talents. See how his combat flight game "Sky Battles" is shaping up inside! Read More »

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