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Tri Review

Mucho Party Review

Meqanic Review

Mondos Review

Netwars – The Butterfly Attack: Episode 1 Review

Simple Ball Review

Carota! Review

It tends to be more laid back than its closest genre cousins, but "Carota!" succeeds as a fun and varied action puzzler you'll want to try out if you're looking for something that's well out of the ordinary. Read More »

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Interview With Zephyr Games’ Kenneth Johnson

Look who's coming to the App Store with another Turn-Based Strategy title! We chat with Kenneth Johnson of Zephyr Games about "Kirin Wars," due to land in April. Read More »

Battleloot Adventure Review

If you're an RPG fan and you’re looking for a thoroughly engaging turn-based battle system, you’re in for a real treat with "Battleloot Adventure!" Read More »

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Shinobi ZIN: Ninja Boy Review

This thoughtfully developed title boasts remarkably well-executed gameplay and more content than you can shake a shuriken at! Read More »

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Hands-On With Tiny Troopers

It looks like good things come in small packages. Find out about Kukouri Mobile's upcoming squad-based shoot 'em up inside! Read More »

What’s in a Score?

So what do we mean by all these numbers, anyway? Read More »

Sminis Review

The one-button control can leave "Sminis" feeling like a one-trick pony at times, but you'll be surprised how quickly it reels you in and keeps you playing if you can deal with a repetitive style. Read More »

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Epic Giveaway: Win CHAOS RINGS II and Ravenmark!!!

We're big believers in the old adage that "it's better to give than to receive" here at iFanzine. Read More »

The iFriday Roundup, No. 34

Check out our picks of what's free and on sale this weekend, plus a bevy of upcoming releases announced by Ayopa Games! Read More »

Harry the Fairy Review

If you're willing to wait for it to kick in, there's some excellent - and excellently controlled - free-flying obstacle course action to be found in "Harry the Fairy." Read More »

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